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PSR-E Series / Re: PSR-e453 DJ Pattern Chord Question
« Last post by SeaGtGruff on Today at 08:23:12 PM »
Ted, I don't think that works with the PSR-E443 and up. I did try it once with my PSR-E443 and got an error message. The PSR-E443 manual says that User Songs which are recorded with a Pattern cannot be converted to SMF. I guess Yamaha wanted to protect the Patterns? Or it might be that it has something to do with the retrigger feature, which the PSR-E433 doesn't have.

In other posts where the idea of controlling a style from a DAW or other external hardware/software was being discussed, I've mentioned that the PSR-E433 uses Sequencer-Specific Meta Events to record the style inside a User Song. The PSR-E443 has an additional message that I hadn't been able to figure out, but just last month I finally determined that it's for the Pattern retrigger rate and retrigger event-- the retrigger rate is set with one of the Live Control knobs, and the retrigger event is activated by pressing and holding down one of the Pattern Section buttons. Perhaps the routine which the keyboard's operating system uses to convert a User Song to SMF isn't programmed to deal with those retrigger messages?
PSR-E Series / Re: PSR-e453 DJ Pattern Chord Question
« Last post by Joe H on Today at 07:39:44 PM »
Hi Ted,

Having never owned an E series keyboard I was unaware of the Pattern Mode.  I took a look in the PSR E443 owners' manual and as you say... Yamaha basically tells us nothing.

But it looks like Yamaha ported over the DJ functions to the S770 and S970 with the 2 LIVE CONTROL knobs that perform some of the same functions as on the E series boards.  For example, Retrigger, Arp Gate time, Arp Quantize and Arp Velocity.

The DJ styles on the S970 appear to work the same way... that is; only the Root of the chord is recognized.  The DJ styles are recorded with chord progressions in each Style Section so you play along with right-hand melody, with the option of turning on the arpeggiator.  The S970 has about 160 arp types to select from. The LIVE CONTROL parameters allow you to modify the right-hand arpeggios in real time.

The arps also follow the notes played with the right hand.  The arpeggiator is a pattern generator of some sort that is usually tied to a Root note and then follows a pre-programmed pattern that will follow our playing.  This is different than the style Sections or even the Multi Pads on the higher-end arrangers, which are MIDI loops recorded in CMaj7 scale that are transposed by some function of the keyboard OS. 

The DJ styles are recorded in either C Minor or A Minor scale (I think) so that they can be transposed by key signature only playing the Root note, but do not follow our left-hand chords like regular styles do.  In other words, DJ style Main Sections are recorded similar to style Intros.  I've never tried to analyze what Yamaha has done because I play by ear and know very little of musical theory.

The mid-range PSR S970 does not have a Pattern Mode, but appears to have borrowed many functions from the E series keyboards.

I've attached the files I posted some time ago... both the DJ styles with the chord tags inserted in them and the docs I found and/or created on the Yamaha arppegiator.   The info you would like to know is probably one of Yamaha's secrets. 

One thing that I've learned trying to create arpeggios for my E-MU Proteus sound module is that to make the arp follow my right hand playing, the arp is programmed to play just the Root note and octaves of the Root (up or down), at specific intervals (bars) and the 32 steps can be programmed with rests and fine note variations as to create a "rhythmic pattern".   

With the Proteus arpeggiator Editor, the Root note is referenced as a value of 0 (zero) editable by semitones ( plus or minus increments of 1 = a semitone)   So setting a note to plus 12 for one step of the 32 step sequence would mean the note will play one octave up.... -12 will play one octave down.  My experiments seem to indicate I can use a plus 2 or plus 7 with limited use that allows a change in pitch.

By programming with just the Root note or it's octaves (up or down) the real character of the arp is the rhythmic pattern that is created that will then follow whatever notes you play with your right hand.  This is the main difference between a "pattern generator" type "arp" and a "step sequence" where a melodic phrase is recorded rather than a rhythmic pattern. 

I don't know if the attached files will be of any real help.  Yamaha isn't willing to share how they do things... I'm sure due to patents and copyright issues.

Joe H
PSR-E Series / Re: PSR-e453 DJ Pattern Chord Question
« Last post by tnicoson on Today at 07:06:21 PM »

If you want to work with an E433 DJ Pattern within a DAW, all you have to do is record it to an internal song with the Song Recorder, save/convert that to an SMF on a USB Flash Drive, physically port the Flash Drive to a computer and import the "song" into the DAW.  If you play the "Pattern" back from the DAW into the E433, without modifying it, it will sound exactly the same as when it was originally played/recorded.  With what we have been discussing in this thread, I have done that several times just today, but now we are getting away from the original question here - Is there any good way of knowing what "chord progressions" (Maj, min, 7th, etc) the E4X3's DJ Pattern generator is making at any given time, so that you can correctly "accompany" it with a suitable right hand melody or arpeggiator pattern ?  In other words, is there really anything "useful" you can do with it - or - in simpa_tic's words - is there anything other than something "boring" that you can do with it?

PSR-E Series / Re: PSR-e453 DJ Pattern Chord Question
« Last post by SeaGtGruff on Today at 06:53:58 PM »
Ted, I believe another member mentioned that he'd been able to output the MIDI for the DJ Patterns on the PSR-E433 using the Style Out function, but that it didn't work on the PSR-E443. If that's true (I never tried it myself), then I'd guess it won't work on the PSR-E453 either. In which case it might not be possible to determine the preprogrammed chord progressions for the DJ Patterns, other than the ones that were on the PSR-E433. Of course, recording the audio and trying to figure it out might be doable, especially if it's possible to turn off all but one track at a time.

Joe, I think I may have misused the term "chord progression," since musically I guess it refers to the type of chord, as well as each chord's relationship to the tonic? So it's probably most accurate to say that the PSR-E433/443/453 and PSR-EW400 let you change the key that the DJ Patterns are played in, but you have no control over any preprogrammed chord progressions that will be played in that key. And as far as I know, you can't select a minor key-- e.g., if you want the DJ Pattern to play in the key of A Minor, you'll probably need to select the key of C (Major).
PSR-E Series / Re: PSR-e453 DJ Pattern Chord Question
« Last post by tnicoson on Today at 05:35:13 PM »
Sorry, Joe !

I was trying to modify my previous post, to remove a misstatement in it, and somehow lost it completely.  Anyway, by "Pattern Mode", I was referring to the "DJ Pattern" mode of the PSR-E4X3 model keyboards, that I assume both the original poster (simpa_tic) and Michael (SeaGtGruff) are referring to.  You seem to think that I am referring to the "DJ Styles" that you have created for the high-end PSR and Tyros models.  If that is the case, then we are not even talking about the same keyboard models.  Yes, some of the DJ Styles you have created can be converted for use on the E4X3 models, and work very well, but those are still different from what is being discussed here.

As simpa_tic and Michael stated, you CAN control the chord progression of the E4X3 DJ Pattern mode, up to a point, but only as far as the tonic.  You can NOT control the type of chord (Major, minor, 7th, etc.), as that is preset by the DJ Pattern generator.  I was merely echoing the frustration in trying to match a right hand "melody" or arpeggiated triad to a chord progression, of which, you know only the tonic element.  Yamaha has never published that information for any of the E4X3 keyboards, yet their demonstrators matched right hand arpeggiator triads to the DJ Pattern chord progressions during their performances with apparent ease.  I have studied the DJ Patterns of my E433, both by sight (Sonar) and by ear, off and on, for the past several years, but neither my "perfect pitch" hearing nor my sight reading were ever that good.  As a writer, matching an improvised melody to a given chord progression may be the norm, but as a player of an arranger keyboard, it is usually the other way around - you are trying to match a suitable chord progression to your chosen melody.  Which is exactly what simpa-tic is trying to do here.  So, the DJ Pattern feature of my E433 goes mostly unused, which I strongly suspect that it does on most of the E4X3 models.  Surely Yamaha would not expect the target maket, of what is really intended to be an entry level keyboard, to determine the elements of rather intricate rhythm patterns by perfect pitch hearing or sight reading.  After all, many of the intended purchasers of these boards would do good to know how to plug them in and turn them on, let alone know how to port a DJ Pattern into a DAW to determine the actual chord progression.  So, I will repost one of my original statements, more aptly as a question: Is the DJ Pattern feature of the PSR-E4X3 models nothing more, like the "Center Cancel" features that really don't cancel anything, than actually just a mostly useless sales gimmick?

If you have, in fact, uploaded this information, as you state in your reply, then that is exactly what is needed, and for which I, and probably more than a few others, would be most appreciative.  The next problem is, where to find it.  After I read your reply, I spent a couple of hours searching this forum six ways to Sunday, and only came up with the DJ Styles that you had uploaded for the SFF2 boards.  Hope you can help!


Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: How to hard reset Tyros 5?
« Last post by deepsae48 on Today at 05:01:05 PM »
Factory Setup:

Tyros 5-61
Turn on the power while pressing F#5, G5 and A#5.
This is the same function as the Factory Reset in the test mode

Tyros 5-76
Turn on the power while pressing F#5, G5 and A#5.
This is the same function as the Factory Reset in the test mode


I have replaced the floppydrive for the mentioned 'simulator' in a 550 a 1000 a 2000 and 2 other models and it works like a treat. Have been using it in the psr 2000 since 2009 almost every day!! Without any problem.
Send me a pm with your email-address and I will send you extensive info about it. Peace of cake to change it as long as you order the correct one for your keyboard because there are many different models. Cost??? less than 30 US$
Yes you get 100 folders on the USB and you can load in each folder the same as on a floppy, about 35 styles or 30 midi's because your keyboard handles it as a floppydrive exactly the same as before.
Tyros 5 (SFF2) / How to hard reset Tyros 5?
« Last post by arberkocllari1 on Today at 02:46:26 PM »
I tried to reset with the last white key but was not successful.Also with last white key and 3 black keys near it.from utility i cant do becouse D E F G buttons not working.

Exist another way to do that procedure? Thanx
PSR-E Series / Re: PSR-e453 DJ Pattern Chord Question
« Last post by Joe H on Today at 02:45:04 PM »

I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say Pattern Mode.  Do you mean the chord progressions of the DJ styles or are you referring to the arpeggiator?

I have posted both the DJ styles with the chord tags in them and also uploaded some PDFs on the Motif arppegiator programming, which uses the arranger chord recognition technology.  Of coarse the Motif XS Arps are far more complex than the PSR arps which I believe are recycled from the earlier model Motif ES keyboard and sound module.

I couldn't find my uploads from before but could post them both here again if anyone is interested.

Joe H
« Last post by Jeff Hollande on Today at 02:16:48 PM »
OK. Thank you for your feedback, Eileen ! 😃

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