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Genos - General / Extremely delighted with Genos
« Last post by vadesriux on Today at 01:18:29 PM »
Just received my brand new Genos yesterday. Have gone through:

- Roland D-20 with floppy disk drive (remember 1990?)
- Yamaha Motif XS6 (Wow...)
- Roland VP-770 (beautiful vocal ensemble + vocoder)
- Roland TR-707
- Korg Kronos 1st gen (great keybed, lightweight, but over complicated menus)
- Korg PA-900 (too plasticky for my taste)
- Yamaha AN1X (damn... why I had to sell it?)
- Novation Bass Station 2 (great keybed also + step sequencer delight)
- Korg Volca Sample + Volca Bass
- Roland SH-01a module
- Roland RD-2000
- Yamaha Montage 6
- Native Instruments S61 MKI and MKII

and finally a Yamaha Genos. Uffff.... ;)

All of the above sold. Why? Just because I didnt connect with the instrument. The exception? Yamaha Motif XS6. Then why sell it? The weight... 15kg + bag on your shoulder stairs up and down = disloged shoulder sooner or later!

Why Genos? As soon as I realised the Genos only weighted 13kg and had the FSX keybed I was thrilled.

The Montage 6 was close but it came with a keybed issue (noises), and was over complicated to work with. Besides I realised I didnt want to spend my time tweaking / programming sounds but simply playing along.

There came the Genos auto accompaniment which works.... WOW! + great sounds + super intuitive and simple menus = playing and composing on the fly satisfaction. 8)

So thats it. A trully great instrument that is worth every cent. Mine was 3150 brand new, which is a great price (the best) in all Europe at this moment.

I just realized C 4 is middle C

I had mistaken it for C 3
Genos - General / Re: Extremely Disappointed with Genos
« Last post by Chris79 on Today at 12:52:59 PM »
I also love my GENOS which is for me an infinite source of inspiration.

the controversy with the Korg PA 4X makes no sense. These are two extraordinary machines.

We may prefer the sound color of one or the other; as we would have a preference for a BMW or a MERCEDES.

Both are beautiful and serve musicians.
If you play C5 it "should" sound like the wav. if the voice has been installed correctly. But as soon as you move a few semitones up or down from the original recording the sound will gradually degrade. Hence many voices, particularly piano, require multisampling at various points in the scale to retain the playing quality.
I have created a voice on YEM

Original Recording C 5 Note (Fl Piano 2)

YEM pack (PPF) Uploaded too

The voice does not sound like the Wave file after being loaded ON THE KEYBOARD
Genos - General / Re: Extremely Disappointed with Genos
« Last post by metcam on Today at 11:06:27 AM »
Hi Lee,
  I have to agree that Genos is great and hundreds of us are enjoying it. No scams here.

Same here, the GENOS is great.
Genos - General / Re: Extremely Disappointed with Genos
« Last post by EileenL on Today at 10:40:09 AM »
Hi Lee,
  I have to agree that Genos is great and hundreds of us are enjoying it. No scams here.
Yamaha Keyboards - General / Re: Securing Foot Pedals
« Last post by andyg on Today at 10:31:05 AM »
You can't beat the Yamaha pedals, an FC7 stays where you put it and is almost indestructible - mine's over 15 years old. And the FC4 / FC5 for the footswitches, the 4 for sustain/fills etc and the 5 for registration changes. They tend to stay put too.

But I have to say that I have a couple of students who have done a similar thing, mounting them onto a board that goes full width between the legs of the stand, so it can't move sideways. Only trouble is that their idea of the perfect positions isn't mine! :)
Genos and iPad & Songbook+ / Re: Cicada Page Flip and Songbook+ ?
« Last post by Al Ram on Today at 02:14:29 AM »
thanks a lot for the midi files to turn to next page.

I did not respond before because only today i had a chance to test the midi files.

This is what i did:

I have a 2-page PDF in SongBoook+ linked to a Genos registration.   This is an 8-button registration.  When i call the SongBook+ song, it successfully loads the Genos registration and display the corresponding PDF starting on page 1.

I saved the NextPage midi file to SongA of registration/button 7, which is where i want to turn to page 2 in SongBook+/PDF.   However, when pressing button 7, the PDF did not move to next page, it stays on page 1.   

I believe this is probably due to the fact that i am no longer using midi files to link SongBook+ to Genos and i am using the new linking method without midi files.     There is probably a setup in SongBook+ that i am missing.  It looks like SongBook+ is not receiving the midi command to turn to page 1.

I will check the SongBook+ settings and will continue testing.   

Reading the SongBook+ manual, i also found that there is a SongBook+ command "Go to Page n" for 'Actions on Open, start and end'.   I will also play with this.   But will probably require to break my PDF file into two separate files which i do not really want to do. 

I really appreciate your help and will continue testing.

thanks a lot.

Genos - General / Re: Next YEM update request-YAMAHA please
« Last post by Snicker740 on Today at 12:43:35 AM »
No they don't! I have many students with laptops and monitors that are less than Full HD. A few are still on 1024 x 768.

Yeah, I agree with you on this. But most people already have a laptop with a resolution of 1280x720.
And the interface of YEM is too small for icons and does not use up the screen, it really needs to be upgraded to the graphics to match the current popular screen ratio.
Do you agree with me on this? right?
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