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Movie&Show Styles are revised.
PSR-2000/1000 (SFF1) / Re: New Floppy Emulator Does Not Seem To Work
« Last post by Skeezix on Yesterday at 11:36:22 PM »
No, I don't think so.

I am opening the virtual floppy by right clicking one of the images in the Batch Manage Tool and then clicking Open, just like in the video. That causes Windows Explorer to open my Documents folder and not the virtual disk folder.

I don't know why it opens my documents folder instead of the virtual disk folder.

BTW I'm running Windows 10.

Genos - General / Re: PC or MAC Software to edit Genos Playlists?
« Last post by valimaties on Yesterday at 11:00:34 PM »
I will upload the last version of this soft in MAC app format too, so you will be able to use this application also on MAC. You will find the link in "Other Software" area of this forum.

Be aware, I didn't made any tests on it, so make some tests before use it on your big playlist files. Make a test playlist file on your keyboard, or make a copy of your original file before use it on MAC version of my soft.

I have made a simple test of appending a playlist and save the new playlist, and everything is safe.
I saw the "Open Folder" button on "Add Record" screen does not work under MAC. It will open an empty dialog box with no folder to choose. I will try to check this thing next week...

Best regards,
Hello :) A little off topic, but I saw on YouTube a man repairing the display of old keyboards, such as the PSR 2100. They have a light tube that dims with time and finally goes dark. These tubes are not to be found any more, but he put in an LED strip instead. Then there was the tricky part of routing the right amount of power to the LEDs. A lot of work with small parts and a good deal of technical language, but the end result was very good! But yes, you have to take the keyboard apart, and there are so many peaces!!!
PSR-2000/1000 (SFF1) / Re: New Floppy Emulator Does Not Seem To Work
« Last post by zofman on Yesterday at 10:30:23 PM »
Hi skeezix,

The guy in the video is quit fast and the video a little blurry
What i see is that he doesnt drag and drop between the software and explorer.
He opens the floppy by right clicking in management tool en chooses : open.
Then an explorer window opens. Then he drags the files from the harddrive to the opend explorer window.
Maybe that is what went wrong in your case?

Thank you everyone for your advice
PSR-2000/1000 (SFF1) / Re: New Floppy Emulator Does Not Seem To Work
« Last post by Skeezix on Yesterday at 09:07:49 PM »
@Zofman wrote:
"Maybe you like to have a look at this youtube tutorial
Its about how to handle the usbstick using software on a pc.

I watched the tutorial. The guy was using version 1.4, so I downloaded and installed version 1.4. After using its Batch Management Tool V1.40 to format the USB stick, I saw that the Tool displayed 100 "images" just like in the tutorial. Then, like the tutorial described, I selected 000 and then clicked File > Format, and the app formatted the entire stick again, just like in the tutorial, and displayed "Format completed".

Then I followed the tutorial to transfer a file to the stick. When the guy right-clicked virtual floppy 000 and then clicked Open, his Windows Explorer opened and displayed the contents of FLPPY00,which of course was empty. Then he could navigate to somewhere on his hard drive and drag a file and drop it into the Batch Manage Tool's window. He then clicked Save and then showed that file was indeed saved in the virtual floppy.

When I double-click file 000, my Windows Explorer opens and displays the Documents window and its contents. And when I attempt to drag any file on my hard drive and then drop it into the Batch Manage Tool V1.40 window all I got was the old "Can't do that" icon. That's where I get stuck.

Do you have any suggestions?
Tyros 4 (SFF2) / MOVED: Pedal for Multipads.
« Last post by Roger Brenizer on Yesterday at 08:03:34 PM »
Like Eileen says most PCs or smartphones will play MP3 files just by clicking  on them straight from the forum post. If you want to play it on your keyboard it is an audio recording - song.
MP3 is the standard format used for pretty well all music download.
Genos - General / Re: Genos registration numbers fading away !!!!!!
« Last post by charlie on Yesterday at 07:45:03 PM »
The $5K is the MSRP.  Most people did not paid that price but got better pricing from good dealers.

I contacted my dealer about the registration buttons problem (numbers fading away) he said i need to contact Yamaha directly to start the warranty process. 

I called yesterday but Yamaha was on vacation.  Will try again tomorrow Wednesday 

Yes. i liked the T4 and T5 registration buttons where the number was inside.

thank you all.
Yamaha should see to this problem. DO NOT MESS ABOUT WITH IT!!!
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