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You're welcome, and Merry Christmas back at ya!

Also, thank you for confirming that the songs in the internal memory will be listed alphabetically, as that was what I thought I remembered, but my memory isn't as sharp as it used to be (if it ever was) and I was too wrapped up in something else to test it for myself last night when I posted.

You'll find a lot of style files [EDIT: and MIDI song files] available on this site, both on the main site and in the forum. You can download them for free, but you can also purchase large collections of style files that Joe Waters (this site's owner) has put together from the style files which were posted to this site over the years. The advantages of buying one or more of the large collections are that you don't need to download a lot of individual smaller collections, Joe Waters has gone through the styles to remove any duplicates, and your purchase helps to support this site-- plus, your purchase makes you a "supporting member," which grants you access to an area of the forum which is open only to "Charter/Supporting Members."

- Here you can find smaller style collections, free to download:

- And here you can find the larger style collections which are available for purchase:

Note that just last month (November 2018) Joe released a new collection of style files and other resource files-- the PSR Tutorial Christmas Collection:

You can order two different versions of this collection-- one version that you can download as a zipped file after your purchase, or another "physical" version that will be sent to you on a USB flash drive. The flash drive version includes the same content as the other version, but in addition it includes almost 900 MP3 song files of Christmas music performed by many PSR Tutorial Forum members on their keyboards. [EDIT: I think you may be able to download the flash drive version yourself while you're waiting for delivery of the flash drive, but I'm not certain of that.] Your PSR-E363 doesn't have a USB TO DEVICE port for inserting a USB flash drive, but you can insert the USB flash drive into your computer and use a couple of options for enjoying its contents:

- You can copy individual style files [EDIT: and song files] to your computer and use the Yamaha MusicSoft Downloader program to transfer them to your PSR-E363's internal memory. But first make sure you have backups of the files on your computer or on the USB flash drive, because I can't recall whether the Yamaha MusicSoft Downloader actually moves the files from the computer to the keyboard or just copies them-- that is, it could end up removing the file that was on your computer. Besides, it's always a good idea to keep backups of any files you don't want to accidentally lose through things like hard disk or flash drive failures, and it's smart to keep backups of your backups just in case. So if you purchased a song file from Yamaha MusicSoft and then transferred it to your keyboard, you might want to make sure you still have one or more backup copies of it on your computer so you won't lose it in case you ever clear your keyboard's flash memory.

- You can use a computer program to play MIDI song files or MP3 audio files on your computer, and send the playback to your keyboard. For MIDI song files this would cause your keyboard to play the notes in the song as though it were a player piano, similar to if you had transferred the song to the keyboard's memory but with the difference that it doesn't use up any of the keyboard's internal storage and you don't need to select the song from the Song list-- so you could play thousands of MIDI song files that way, without being limited by your keyboard's internal memory space or the maximum number of songs that can be displayed in its Song list. And in the case of MP3 audio files you can listen to the song through your keyboard's speakers.

By the way, note that the large style collections may also include other types of files, such as [EDIT: MIDI song files,] Registration files, OTS files, Multi Pad files, Music Finder files, User Voice files, etc. These are generally specific to a particular model of Yamaha keyboard-- Genos, Tyros5, PSR-S975, etc. Unfortunately, you won't be able to use them with your PSR-E363, although that won't prevent you from being able to enjoy the style files [EDIT: and MIDI song files] and MP3 files in the collections.

And remember that the PSR-E363 cannot play [EDIT: SFF2 style files, only] SFF1 style files. Many, if not most, of the style files in these collections are probably going to be SFF2 style files which were tweaked and tailored for the voices and effects on PSR-S, Tyros, or Genos keyboards, so you'll need to convert them to SFF1 style files, then use one of the available free utilities to "revoice" and tweak the styles for the specific voices and effects which are available on your PSR-E363.

Note that I purchased the Christmas Collection last month, and I have a number of PSR-E models, so if you do purchase the Christmas Collection and would like to convert, revoice, and tweak any of its style files or MIDI song files for the PSR-E363, I should be able to help with that.
Thank you for persevering with me. Not having used the Live Controls, I hadn't realised that there are lots of functions available by pressing (I) Assign on the Live Control screen. In my ignorance I thought that I could only choose from the eight options being displayed. It works beautifully. Thank you.

Hi Alan
You may have to scroll to the bottom. I am looking at my keyboard now and I have both 1 and 2 controls set to master tempo and show as such in the live control screen.
Ed B
That's what I did before. My instrument is an s970, but I can't see the tempo function in either of the two lists (knob 1 & 2).
Hi Alan
On the PSR S970 if you press the assign button you will see a list of assignable functions to the Live Control knobs. As John said, we do not know which keyboard you have but if you have either a Genos or a PSR970 this should cover it.
Ed B
Genos - General / Re: Next update to Genos
« Last post by Fred Smith on Today at 04:00:57 PM »
when is the update for genos with additional functions? In my genos I miss: more memory for expansion pack and creator song, full edition of drums in midi-song, such edition is in korgu pa4x, yamaha, why is there no such edition? can we count on more memory for expansion pack as well as edits of the drums?

When? You need to ask Yamaha.
What will be included? You need to ask Yamaha.

Your best plan: Assume none of your requested improvements will ever be made available.

Genos - General / Re: Next update to Genos
« Last post by Paolo82 on Today at 03:54:36 PM »
when is the update for genos with additional functions? In my genos I miss: more memory for expansion pack and creator song, full edition of drums in midi-song, such edition is in korgu pa4x, yamaha, why is there no such edition? can we count on more memory for expansion pack as well as edits of the drums?
Hello Everyone! / Re: Back to square one ... with my "new" Tyros 5
« Last post by Del B on Today at 03:36:26 PM »
Hi Steen and welcome to the Forum, and congrats on getting your T5 I am sure you will have hours of pleasure playing your wonderful instrument
and at the same time getting back to your standard of playing that you used to be.
Hello Everyone! / Re: Newby here
« Last post by Del B on Today at 03:32:17 PM »
Him Olddood
Welcome and good job your retired because you will have loads of time exploring your wonderful instrument
PSR-S970/S770/S670 (SFF2) / Re: PSR-S670 and XGWorks
« Last post by pjd on Today at 02:21:47 PM »
Hi --

The short answer is "Yes, it's possible." I suggest studying the files in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Yamaha\XGWorks\XGEditor"

Each instrument has TBL and INI files. The instrument must also have an entry in the xgeditor.ini file. Bill Gross produced a "patch" for the Tyros 3 (attached) and a similar patch for the S910.

Be prepared to do some detailed tedious work. Also, make a back-up copy of everything. I blew up XGWorks when modifying the xgeditor.ini file. (XGWorks would no longer launch.) I suggest extreme caution!

All the best and good luck -- pj

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