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Genos - General / Wherz my audio file?
« Last post by Stevengale on Today at 07:05:24 AM »
Still trying to figure out how the recording section works on the Genos. I recorded an QUICK AUDIO segment and it looks like it gets saved automatically when STOP is hit. I can then hit PLAY and hear the song but if I leave that page, where the heck do I find my audio file later when I want to hear it again?

I saw those audio files somewhere before but cant find what page of the menus it's located..  help?
Rumney, - Learning to play by ear was my guess from your question.
Without putting down the lady on the video, I have played and known hundreds of real musicians who played professionally by ear and while all understood the circle of 5ths, to my knowledge none used it or thought about it either actively while playing or while learning to play, by ear.
 If you want to learn to play by ear, it will be much more useful to understand common chord progressions by the number system, which is key independent. The number system is simple, just each chord based on the note of the scale - so in C, chord 1 is Cmaj, chord 2 is D minor, etc. Look up chord numbering systems on the net, but don't at this time get too deeply into the more sophisticated versions like the Nashville numbering system where many accents and variants can be added for more advanced players.
So the simplest chord progression using the number system is 1;4; 5;1. Chord 2 and 4 are similar, so another variant is 1;2;5;1. Another very common variant is 1;6;2;5;1. ie in key of C it would be C, Amin, Dmin, G7, C.
Those three chord progressions above cover 80 % of the popular songs written for at least 80% - and often 100% -of the whole song. Start by nailing these, and then add songs which have small excursions from these like chord 3, or making chord 2 or chord 3 major instead of minor. You will soon get to hear them coming by ear.
Don't worry about the relationships on a circle of 5ths. The secret to playing by ear is to start with a small amount of knowledge like the 3 chord progressions I have given above, then build on it by experimenting, a bit at a time. As you advance, you might find the circle of 5ths useful to understand for more complex songs, but frankly, by the time you find it useful, you are unlikely to really need visual aid, because the relationships will just make it will just make obvious.
Later, learn and introduce diminished chords by realizing another common device is to slip in a diminished to lead through or add color to one of the above progressions. Try to find the right chords by are, then look at fake books to see how what you thought compares with the right chords, and how real songs progress,. And instead of seeing the chords as individual things in a song, learn to see them as sequences of numbers, and you will then start to understand how most music is 90% repeating patterns. Combining this with listening to yourself and anticipating the sound of a chord in a sequence is what playing by ear is all about.


Thank you Mike - a well reasoned reply which I really appreciate. Now I understand why a song is counted in 1 2 3 (only joking) :) I will have a good look at the chord numbering systems on the net - thanks again.
Genos - General / Re: EMC Styleworks
« Last post by valimaties on Today at 06:53:14 AM »
John, what is "Yamaha XT?"
As for Windows 10 updates, we have no choice thanks to the gangster mentality of Microsoft. I'm confused. Please explain :).

- Lee

Is a software from EMC-MusicSoftware (EMC Styleworks XT Universal).

It converts styles between keyboard brands. And you can create style from midi. I used it long time ago, but I don't find it useful now, because now I make my own styles from scratch as I want. For some reasons, this soft does not convert complex styles correctly. So I don't use it, but you can do! The license price is 349 Euro ($475) for Universal version

There are also dedicated converters for specific brands, also: (License price is lower than Universal version and is 199 Euro ($265), which I think is not a good deal, but Universal version can be ideal choice)

Style Works XT Yamaha (Korg, Roland, Ketron, Wersi, Technics, Gem)


THIS is a video I've made eight years ago showing how to use hidden channels to be able to use different patterns for different types of chords (Maj, min and 7th). The version of StyleWorks XT Universal was able to convert/create styles for Tyros (1) version only, at that time :)

Tyros 4 (SFF2) / Tyros 4 Speakers not "Balanced"
« Last post by jblyth on Today at 06:37:14 AM »
Since I bought it, I have noticed that with my two Tyros 4 speakers (the standard kit), that the speaker balance is slightly weighted to the left. I have tried swapping the speakers left for right, but the same effect is evident - so it is not the speakers themselves.

This happens even when I use a mono type sound like a piano voice. If I use a headset, the volumes in each ear are perfectly matched for balance.

Is there some "balance/pan" control that effects just the Tyros Speakers that I can adjust? I have looked, but sadly not found such a feature.

Many thanks
John in Sunny Carnarvon - Western Australia
Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: I am "back"
« Last post by Joe W on Today at 06:01:24 AM »
Ton, what a wonderful pleasure to see you back and posting again!  It made my day.  Now I'll look forward to your first song!
Genos - General / Re: EMC Styleworks
« Last post by Joe H on Today at 05:05:30 AM »

As I just stated in another thread... buy a copy of StyleMagic, everything is so much easier when editing in StyleMagic. Windows 10 and
Genos are both supported.

Joe H
Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: I am "back"
« Last post by mikf on Today at 04:50:13 AM »
You may have had a rough ride recovering from your surgery, but now itís in the past and like Ted says, you can look forwards to many great years
Genos - General / For your listening enjoyment...
« Last post by keynote on Today at 04:08:11 AM »
Another day another song. :) This is a newer song by Kelly Clarkson called Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You). I used a Yamaha midi file that I recorded as a .wav file using Sonar Platinum. All the music you hear is from the Genos internal sounds. Voices are as follows: Two Analog Kits plus a Room Kit a VintageFlatBass, a Tech Lead, a DarkFatSaw, ResonanceComp, Melody Maker, a 50sVintagePick (Mega), 50sVintageSlap (Mega), SlapAmpGuitar (Mega) and the S.Art HeavyRockGuitar. I loaded the .wav file and the vocal track into Audacity then after a little editing everything was mixed down into the finished product. No added effects were used in the making of this song.

I do these type of projects to basically showcase the sounds of the Genos and of course for your listening pleasure. I consider myself first and foremost a keyboardist but lately I've been exploring the audio engineering aspect of music making and I'm kind of excited about it. I would also like to mention the song itself is in my opinion radio ready and by that I mean the sounds from the Genos are very high quality and therefore if Kelly Clarkson's band only used the Genos sounds in the making of her song it still would have been a big hit commercially in my opinion. That's why I would like someone with a Korg Pa4x or a Ketron SD9 or some other arranger to also give it a shot to hear and compare what the competition has to offer. ;)  Enjoy!

Stronger Remix ft. Genos

Tyros 4 (SFF2) / Re: Display sheet muic on T4
« Last post by jblyth on Today at 04:04:44 AM »
Hi Jim,

The Tyro music stand is OK for my Microsoft Surface Book 2 screen in Tablet Mode, but I think a separate robust stand is the way to go, particularly if you or your band members tend to stomp around a bit!

At home, I have the monitor on a separate wooden "bench" that I made....

Keep warm - it's going to be 27 degrees here today (again), and the endless blue sky is boring ;-)
Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: I am "back"
« Last post by ticktock on Today at 03:17:04 AM »
Hi Ton
Didn't know you had the medical issue but glad that you are back.
My dad had the triple bypass when he was 62 then has been living on for the next 30 years and passed away at 92. You can too.
Take care.
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