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PSR-S970/S770/S670 (SFF2) / Re: Getting the best from styles
« Last post by mikf on Today at 07:55:46 PM »
Yes, you can do that, but freezing tempo means the tempo stays the same no matter what.  The tempo hold on the style setting only holds the tempo if you change style while playing. You go into style setting on the menu and then change behavior. Tempo hold is the option you select. As soon as you stop playing and select a new style it behaves normally ie plays at the default tempo, which is usually what you want. 
This is worth trying. I don't think too many people know about this, but its a very neat setting because it means you can move between styles while playing and I keep my keyboard set this way all the time. Its great for auditioning styles very quickly, but it also lets you smoothly change styles during a song, to a broadly similar style, but different enough to have an impact.
Genos - General / Re: More Genos problems
« Last post by Gloria on Today at 07:50:19 PM »
Thanks Joe, I appreciate that.   :)   (Are you still creating styles?)


PSR-E Series / Re: PSR-E353 disassembly and key rubber contact repair
« Last post by SeaGtGruff on Today at 07:40:07 PM »
I'm going to use the abbreviation "VS" for "velocity-sensitive."

I suspect that Yamaha does want a non-VS keyboard at the lowest end of their models, and they have a number of other such models besides the PSR-E2xx, such as the PSR-F51 and various local models-- most of which haven't been updated in a while.

I agree that these models are little more than toys, but the later PSR-E2xx at least had the potential to be used as inexpensive XGlite sound modules before Yamaha removed all MIDI and USB connectivity. But even without MIDI, a non-VS keyboard has the potential to be used to play voices for instruments which are traditionally non-VS, such as harpsichord and organ. In fact, I think the earliest synths probably had non-VS keyboards.
Hi Paul,

With Ipad 12.9" can you display lyrics so our vocalist can have a separate screen to view lyrics and my wife
can used the Genos LCD screen.

Do you need special cable to connect the Ipad to any of the USB Port??

Wireless may not work as we play for various seniors homes and WIFI may be an issue!!

Your advice suggestions is greatly appreciated.

IPHONE 6 - My phone provider may waive off the penalty charges to break the contract and will offer Iphone 6 which I believe can be upgraded to IOS10.

Contemplating whether to use Iphone 6 or invest in 12.9" Ipad (as currently I am using 19" TV as monitor screen to display lyrics and connecting the TV with RGA & USB connector)

Genos - General / Re: Volume setting querie
« Last post by Kaarlo von Freymann on Today at 07:01:28 PM »
Hi Kaaralo,
I did not see you mention style names before but there must be no spaces before the Name of the style. If there are it will not usually let you save it. It will say( a period or a space is not allowed at the top of the file name).
This also applies to any other title you may save on other sections and has always been this way on Yamaha keyboards.

Thanks Eileen,

I was aware of  "there must be no spaces before the Name of the Style"  (and as a fact by analogy I have never put a space in front of anything)  and YAMAHA has  in many cases  as you point out spoiled us by giving us a warning messages when we do something wrong.  In this case the problem was not a space before the name but within the name of the style like this


which when changed to      ddotdotdotDixieland

removed the problem I have had with the styles that did work on the Tyros  from where they were copied but did corrupt the reg banks on Genos.
And for that non working style names with spaces in the name there was no warning. Admittedly you cannot expect warnings for all situations. BTW I love the English saying: "nothing can be made fool proof because fools are so ingenious" (Was it Murphy?)
So finally the problem that has kept me from buying the Genos has been solved so I now have the lighter, less bulky keyboard with the sliders I wanted. Sincere thanks to you Eileen and everyone who has wasted their time trying to help me..

One more thing I believe  might be of interest: 
It is an old rule, "Do not use wall outlets for electronic products that are at a distance as that may induce "hum slings"  even in grounded outlets"  (which in practical terms means,  use one wall-outlet and an extension cable with the necessary multiple plug inputs.)   It seems Tyros was somehow  exceptionally well hum- shielded internally because in a decade I never had that problem though sometimes I had to disregard above rule.

On my last gig somebody for some reason I do not know (while I was having a snack)  connected  one of my active speakers to another wall outlet than to which  my Genos was connected.  When I came back I felt someone must have trod on a cable and ruptured the grounding (which is the normal reason for  60 hz hum) and started checking all cables instead of the mains cables which were the reason.  So the old rule should be respected, which of course when you are aware of it is no problem at all.

Some of this maybe should again be on a different thread, if so please Eileen help me by putting just the information where it belongs.   After being awarded the honorary title of "The Clown in the White Jacket"  I feel I better not do it myself.


Genos - General / Re: More Genos problems
« Last post by Joe H on Today at 06:32:19 PM »

Help is on the way.  I sent you a PM.  I hope Yamaha do right by you.

Joe H
E2xx keyboards and lower end models from Yamaha like F51, are toys. If a keyboard cannot serve as a good stage instrument, it is no more than a toy. I still remember how difficult it was for me, to move from playing a non-velocity responsive KB for years, to a velocity resp. KB all of a sudden. In our country, Yamaha keyboards are slightly overpriced, when compared to their offerings. So E263 costs more than a budget smartphone sold here.
P.S. : No intention to divert the topic of this thread.  :)
Genos - General / Re: Good news for Yamaha Corporation!
« Last post by Lee Batchelor on Today at 05:55:16 PM »
Agreed, John...but only to certain point. I still find the hoops and hills a little confusing with Cubase and the Genos. To this day, I must do my basic song on the Genos MIDI recorder, and then polish it in Cubase. It would be great to just use a DAW start to finish. A decent style creator, external to the Genos would be wonderful.
Genos - General / Re: More Genos problems
« Last post by Gloria on Today at 05:41:24 PM »

Genos - General / Re: Good news for Yamaha Corporation!
« Last post by Kaarlo von Freymann on Today at 05:35:59 PM »
Kaarlo I don't know how icons work on Genos but you can ask at this topic how to replace the icons to be as they were on your Tyros so it would be easier for you to find the files.

Your help is very much appreciated. I will do that. 


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