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Title: Separating mp3 from CDG?
Post by: Ian Kay on October 25, 2017, 07:45:29 AM
Does anyone know how to separate mp3 from CDG. Software etc.
Thanks, Ian
Title: Re: Separating mp3 from CDG?
Post by: staylong on November 29, 2017, 06:40:39 AM
Hi Ian

Pretty easily I would say.  A CDG file is made of two separate files.  One for the music and one for lyrics.  The music side is an Audio file and lyrics a graphic file.  Hence CDG  = Compact Disc plus Graphics.  Most of the time the audio file is already an MP3.

If you have these on a disc just copy them to a new folder on your hard drive.  In the new folder you will have two files for each song as stated above, sort by type and this will separate the file types.  Just select all the MP3 and copy to new folder or delete all the graphics files (as you still have them on disc) and you are left with MP3's of each song sans lyric.   If the audio is not MP3 but a wave then just convert them to MP3 with one of many programs out there that can do it for free.

If the files are zipped files not on disc, as some cdg files are and in this case they are called mp3+g, just extract to a new folder.  You should again see two files for each song. One is the MP3 of the track and the other the graphic part for lyrics. 

Just copy the MP3 to a new folder.  Either keep the original unzipped folder for future use as karaoke or delete leaving just a folder of MP3's.

Job done.