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Title: Use of "Say thanks" button - etiquette ?
Post by: Bertie59 on April 13, 2017, 12:14:29 PM
I think that the "say thanks" button is a brilliant idea and a useful tool to use to "thank" members in many situations but I think that maybe we need some guidance/rule on it's use perhaps ??

I appreciate that there are some members who simply download styles, books etc without ever saying "thank you" to the member who provided them but that's life - sadly there will always be people like that around.
However on a positive note some in that group of people may well be bothered to click on the button which I'm sure will be appreciated by the member who is being "thanked".
My thoughts about how we should use the button are for situations like saying "thank you" to a member who;
 - posts a lead sheet or style perhaps;
 - a simple short piece of advice or information etc

I personally have a problem in simply clicking on a button when someone has provided advice at some length; a book with styles included or has re-editied a book for us - all of which take time and effort on the part of the provider and I believe they deserve a proper "thank you" post.
But if they want to thank me back for writing such a post to them- then that's where I believe the "thank you" button should be used.

Just my thoughts .......
Sue  :)
Title: Re: Use of "Say thanks" button - etiquette ?
Post by: Ray Eyden on April 13, 2017, 12:47:29 PM
I totally agree Sue

I know some members object to the multitude of  " Thank you " and " you are Welcome " posts but saying thank you is basic good manners.
I have no personal objection to a "thank you button" and certainly acknowledging a "thank you" with a button click seems to be a simple compromise.

I do think some members will probably strive to find fault with this idea too though.
It really depends what the original complaint was really based on.

Title: Re: Use of "Say thanks" button - etiquette ?
Post by: Roger Brenizer on April 13, 2017, 01:02:24 PM
You will always find me saying; Please, Thank you and You're welcome.  We've become a button pushing society, much to my dismay.  I also use the Like button in conjunction with various comments.  :)
Title: Re: Use of "Say thanks" button - etiquette ?
Post by: Gunnar Jonny on April 13, 2017, 01:08:28 PM
And I who just wrote some words about this new button in Garys tread....  :-[,38104.msg292365.html#msg292365

Title: Re: Use of "Say thanks" button - etiquette ?
Post by: Wally Z on April 13, 2017, 01:38:18 PM
Just means there's something here for everyone.  If you want to type a comment you can.  If you want to push a "Like Button" you can. If you don't want to do anything you can. If you want to sen a PM, you can.  This topic has come up I don't know how many times on the forum. It's not rocket science. Really don't understand why it's an issue for some.  Just do it the way you feel good about and don't worry about the rest.  Just my opinion and I don't expect any kind of response and won't be upset if you don't hit the "Like Button".  Now I think I'll go crawl into my safe space. ;D