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« Last post by Osvaldo De Souza on Today at 07:48:44 AM »
19th July 2018

Is there a style that I can sequence the song ' SWEET CAROLINE '.

If anyone has any style (even custom style specific to the song) please send me a copy of the style.

Is there a list of songs that correspond to various GENOS STYLES??

Thanks and regards
« Last post by Osvaldo De Souza on Today at 07:44:57 AM »
19th April 2018

Yamaha Canada has a promotion offer for FREE YAMAHA HEADPHONES for GENOS owners and today I received my
FREE Yamaha Headphones Model HPH-MT7.

These headphones sound excellent with Genos Keyboard.

Check out with YAMAHA USA if they have this promotion.

PSR-S975/S775 / Re: Indian original Dholak, Dhol and Tabla REAL LOOPS
« Last post by overover on Today at 07:08:23 AM »
Hi gayancc,

there are two Indian Packs that you can download for free. Please take a look at the "pack lists" on each of these pages.

Indian Tabla

You have to put the Pack into the shopping cart, LOG IN to your Yamaha account and proceed to checkout. You will see that no payment information is required, and you will get the download link. :)

Indian Worship Styles,42660.msg336970.html#msg336970

This Pack WAS available for free, some time ago. You can still download it (.ppf format) by clicking on the relevant link in the psrtutorial thread linked above.

Here are some more Indian Styles for free:

They was made for the "PSR-i455" which is especially made for Indian Music. (Maybe these styles are also compatible with the s975.)

By the way: Here are some more Yamaha keyboard models for Indian Music:

Best regards,
PSR-S975/S775 / Indian original Dholak, Dhol and Tabla REAL LOOPS
« Last post by gayancc on Today at 05:23:45 AM »
Does anybody has Indian original Dholak, Dhol and Tabla real audio styles or expansion pack?
 i found great packs on this site but i cannot afford. it costs 200$
 if somebody uses any styles like this and willing to share much appreciate.

Anvil Studio is okay, but only the core program is free. Once you start to get into certain functionalities you must purchase whichever module adds a particular functionality. So before you start to invest any time into learning it, you may want to read over the list of modules to see what functionalities each of them adds, in case some of the things you want to do are going to require purchasing one or more of the modules.

Another option is Cockos REAPER, which is a very popular DAW among home recording enthusiasts. It isn't free, but you can use it for free on a trial basis with no restricted or crippled functionalities, and the free trial never expires-- it just to display a nag screen when you start up the program. I suspect that its effectively unlimited free trial is the main reason it's so popular among the home recording crowd, although the license for nonprofessional home usage is extemely affordable.

I suffered a stroke in the right frontal lope of my brain. I've made about a 98% recovery... 19 days in the hospital and months of physical and occupational therapy plus 2 surgeries, eating better food and exercising... and now am feeling much better.   I am so grateful there was no permanent damage.

Thank you for your comments... hugs to you also.

 :)    :)    :)    :)    :)

Joe H
Hello Joe, I hope that you are very well in health, your presence in the forum is very important, thanks to your knowledge I have learned a lot. take care friend, God continue to bless your talent. a big hug  from Colombia.   Hans
Genos - General / Mixer Screen Shows No Volume In Registration
« Last post by Reg on Today at 02:37:57 AM »
   This is weird.  I was playing a registration on my Genos, everything working fine.  All of a sudden I had no volume whatsover. Every key I pressed was silent.  I opened the mixer screen and sure enough the volume had been changed to "0"
on every track.  I had to turn the Genos off  and then on to get back to the proper
volume settings.

     I  cannot help saying that this is one of a number of mishaps with the Genos that are not all my doing.   I love the Genos and all its great features  but  too many times  there are interuptions  that hinder playing live.   Fortunately I have not played a gig yet.  Reg
Genos - General / Re: wifi built in..
« Last post by overover on Today at 01:37:08 AM »
Hi 8t8KEEZ,

you can also make a MIDI-over-wifi connection to a mobile device (e. g. an iPad with "Songbook+" (SB+) oder "OnSong" installed).

SB+ supports a new function to "couple" Genos Registrations and text or sheet music in SB+ by only "ONE CLICK". And this works in BOTH DIRECTIONS, automatically. :)

Best regards,
Tyros 5 (SFF2) / Re: Flash Memory Screws Needed
« Last post by overover on Today at 01:22:43 AM »
Hi dv01,

thank you for the feedback!

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