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Computer Sound Card?
« on: January 13, 2009, 04:08:13 PM »
Regarding re-mixing of midi song files, I now see that it is do-able to save a re-mix of the 16 tracks and the main panel settings for a one button push to perform and play.  Now given the task ahead to develop (re-mix) + or  - 60 song files, i came up with the idea that if I can re-voice and re-mix the 16 song tracks for each song in advance on my pc w/ cakewalk I could more rapidly move along.  I took a file that was mixed and saved on the Tyros to my liking and put it into the PC.  On my decktop PC it sounds really bad and all the track voices say grand or acoustic piano.  On my laptop it also sounds bad, however the track voices listed at least say guitar, bass and etc.  So I got the idea that I would connect my laptop to the Tyros but the PC doesn't play through to the Tyros (USB out of the laptop to a midi in and out on the Tyros.)  I then read something about a driver, however, when I bought my Tyros at the local Guitar Center the box was open and the CD was missing.  I'm stumped not knowing what to do.  My preference would be (if it is practical) to perhaps obtain a sound card for my computer that matches the Tyros so that I can re-voice and re-mix the tracks right on the PC. Does anyone have any advice to help me work through my situation?

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Re: Computer Sound Card?
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You need the USB driver for your computer and it is available from Yamaha at the following link:

USB Driver

Just scroll down the page and download the one you need.
No matter which Tyros you have, they all use the same driver.
Be sure to download the instructions for installation as well.
You mat want to download some of the other software there because it is all useful for the things we do with these keyboards.


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Re: Computer Sound Card?
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2009, 05:13:57 PM »

Unfortunately, aside from playing your file on a Yamaha device, you will never get the best sound.

In order to adopt your midis to PC sound cards will require a lot of work (and perhaps not sound as good), and unless this is the target market, then I cannot recommend it.

XP sound cards (except perhaps on the used market) do not exist. And if you are able to find an old one, files that use DSP are likely not to function as expected.

If you can, stay with auditioning on the PSR/Tyros.

Here is a link to the drivers that you might need:

One more very important point: it is not easy to control effects for the PSR/Tyros in Cakewalk. The only XP resource that I am aware of is a XP effects studioware that I edited and included with StyleMaker many years ago. If you want to adjust effects, it will require using PSRUTI, XGWorks  or a German program (whose name I forget at the moment), and  care.

The problem is that when you select a voice from the PC in Cakewalk, etc, it does not change the DSP effect. And when you try to do it with most programs, you are soon frustrated by the problem that the number of DSPs is much less than the number of channels.

I have tried to help a number of professionals with this issue over the years, and have never succeeded.  


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