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A Reg Bank file can store in each of its 8 individual registrations, the specific location of a: style, multipad, voice, song, and/or lyric text ďfilesĒ, with these files retrieved from one of 4 distinct Yamaha assigned fixed drive locations:

1) Tyros2 Preset Area
2) Drive Letter "C": User Area
3) Drive Letter "E": Hard Drive
4) Drive Letter "I": USB Stick

It makes no difference where the Registration Bank file is stored, but all the files it calls up (style, multi-pad, voice, song, lyric text) must always remain in the exact directory & folder hierarchy (path) it was when originally stored in Reg. This said, it remains important to insure that all Tyros2 files used in a registration (except ďpresetĒ styles, voices etc, and the reg bank file itself), never be moved or re-named (including all related hierarchal folder directories).

Because my registrations call up a mixture of: Tyros2 preset files, 3rd party styles and custom styles, voices, and text lyrics as well, Iíve devised a method to ensure that my regs always call up the specific files I want, and also give me the ability to utilize my custom registration bank files on any other Tyros2 keyboard , and perhaps possibly even on another arr Yamaha keyboard which supports an external USB Stick. To achieve this, hereís the method of Tyros2 reg file storage Iíve now implemented.

ALL files related to registrations are now stored and called up from the USB stick, and not from the Tyros2 itself. Iíve now dedicated a 1Gb USB stick for all files related to my performance reg Bank Files (total 25 different song categories), with each reg bank file holding 8 songs=  approx 200 songs. Iíve copied both Tyros2 preset styles & 3rd party & custom styles to dedicated folderd on the USB Stick, and then re-saved each of my individual regs to call up files (style, text lyrics, etc)  on the USB stick (letter I drive) instead of the T2  preset, user, or HD areas. Thereís a terrific software utility program (free) which I recommend which allows you to conveniently & quickly re-assign the specific drive and file location for each registration (1-8) from your PC. Itís called Registration Memory Editor 1.1, by Kim Winther. In addition, this program allows you to change the registration icon, reg name, volume settings, and some other basic registration bank file settings. Download HERE. A great BIG thanks  ;)   to Kim Winther for writing & sharing (for free) with the Yamaha arranger kb user community this very useful program.

In addition to storing all registration Bank File related files in specific locations on the USB stick, I also store my Tyros2ís effects (.eff file) settings (which includes mic, compressor settings) on the stick as well. This allows me to take my USB stick to ANY Tyros2 keyboard and have it sound exactly they way it is heard on my Tyros2. Iím able to easily load any of my 200 song registrations and have all related files called up (from my stick) as well. This way, if I have a gig across the Country (or anywhere in the world), and if there is a Tyros2 available at my destination, all I need to do is take my USB stick with me. In addition, when the upcoming Yamaha PSR S900 is released, I feel reasonably assured (fingers crossed)  that Iíll be able to simply insert my Tyros2 USB Stick into the S900 and utilize my Tyros2 registrations in the S900 & call up my Tyros2 styles, and hopefully, the same (or similar) voices on the S900. The bottom line is that the less  you have to depend on linking regs to Tyros2 preset files or files stored on the HD,  the easier it will be for you to utilize your registration file setup on another Tyros2 keyboard. In addition, if our Tyros2ís Hard Drive should crash for some expected reason, itís a lot easier to plug & play a USB stick then open up the Tyros2 and replacement it with another HD, plus having to format the new HD, and then move data into the new HD via USB cable from PC. With the stick, itís far simpler (and far quicker), as the Tyros2 itself only supports USB 1.1, while most PCís support USB 2.0, so allow you to copy data into the stick at the MUCH faster USB 2.0 speed.

Ok, my apology for such a lengthy post, but I believe it was important enough to share. I trust others here (especially gigging musicians) will appreciate the benefits of implementing this system as well.  :)

Scott Yee  8)

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Re: USB STICK storage TIP for Tyros2 Owners who utilize Registrations
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Hi Scott: I just ran across this post from April 6, 2007.  I have a Tyros 4.  I am trying to get a better understanding of the T4/PSR filing system.  I like the concept in the post, but I can't seem to get to first base.  On the T4 I am attempting to bulk copy all the preset files to an empty USB stick; and I am unable to make this happen. Any advice for me?  Thanks