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« on: November 17, 2017, 11:31:09 AM »
Today I had the Genos under my fingers and got mixed emotions.
Well, when I load PSR S 970 data, styles with OTS, it sounds the same, like PSR S 970, when I didnít use expansion voices.
But then I wanted to use the improved sounds with the style. I remember times, where re-voicing could enhance the old styles. But here it was different, not better. The Revo! kits has a dark sound on drum instruments, when I try to equalize, the hi hats and cymbals begins to sound bad.
I couldnít find the exciting improvements, they promised. Itís no revolution, itís possibly a little tweaking.
Would I need 76 keys, the Tyros 5-76 would give me maybe 90 % of the things, what Genos does better than PSR S 970. And when I have no need for ensemble mode and more than 61 keys and the audio style feature, a Tyros 4 would give me 80 % of the things, that are better in Genos.
But Korg is the same. They underline, how much space all the sounds get, but the sounds were not so natural, as expected. The 76 keys keyboard could impress me, but when I like this, a PA3 x or PA3 LE (what is a PA 900 with 76 keys), would do it to.
The main reason was a Yamaha presentation. On our seats we found a playlist, I looked and noticed, that 80 % of the music I never could play for a senior dancing event. The audience was 80 % older people, 65 years up, I was one of the few people younger than this. I left this event pretty soon, also because some harder rock music songs, that I dislike.
While the presentation it seems, that the artist has to use OTS. He showed us James Last sound, but in this sound was a shake effect in higher dynamic stages. The result was, it sounds like drunken brass players, who made randomly some shakes to turn the sound in something horrible.
After I left the event room of the music store, I went back to the keyboard department and noticed, that I have to blame Yamaha and not the presenter.
But when I tried the Genos, I experienced nearly the same effect, like some years before, where I could compare Tyros 5 with PSR S 970 and where I thought, that these minor improvements would never justify the higher price.
I think, the product, that would enhance my music much more, would be a Ketron SD 40 module. Would I change to better keyboards, it would be Tyros 4 and PA3x.

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I forgot one thing, Genos has single outs and itís possible to get the snare drums separately to the single out and back to the Mic/ Line In, where I have a 3 band EQ and could cut low frequencies and boost treble.
But itís a shame, that I need something like this, when I want an expensive keyboardís drum kit sounds natural and better, than the kits found in the mid class.

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Not all of us can play or hear the same... so the opinions are not the same, of course.
I have some little difficulties on quickly set some parameters (compared with T5), but I will get use to it ;)
In a couple of words, I really like it ;)

PS: And comparisons with Korg make me sick, lately...
All the best, from Romania

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