Author Topic: Play rhytms in PSR, record midi in cubase ?  (Read 338 times)

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Play rhytms in PSR, record midi in cubase ?
« on: November 16, 2017, 03:08:27 AM »
Hello friends, im searching in old discussions/topics, but i cannot found something about this subject.
I need to play some rhytms in my PSR S950, (very good drum patterns and fills) and need to record , in MIDI, in my cubase, to use sounds and adjustments of XLN Addictive (i think is the best virtual drum sounds ever); but, to start; the notes of KICK in some rhytms, in PSR, came in B0 note; and not C1, like cubase use to play KICK.
And another pieces like hihat, splash cimbal's, etc; are totaly of map.
I use some drum maps that i found in this group, but is not ok yet, i still cannot play the "Acoustic Rock" for example, in my PSR and record, listening to each piece in your right place...
Maybe a 'little help from my friends' is all that i need.

Thanks! (Sorry for some errors in english!) ;)