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News Items
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This forum provides a "News" feature that can be used to display news items.  I am using that feature to provide a regular, and permanent, link to (1) the PSR Tutorial Home page, (2) the PSR Tutorial Member Map, and (3) the Support page where data collections are offered.  Pressing the HOME button shows all the various board categories. At the top is a new category labeled "News".  When expanded, it will shown each of these links, one at a time, displaying for about 5 or 6 seconds.

Under the top right Search box, you will also see a "News:" area that will display one of the news items.  Every time you display a new forum page, the item shown there rotates to another of the available news items.

While I can control in minute detail all the information shown on the main PSR Tutorial web site, I can not easily alter the presentation of these forum pages.  These are all controlled by the SMF software package.  Fortunately, the available news feature does allow me to provide a number of useful links on the main forum page.  I hope members find this feature useful.
-- Joe Waters
PSR Performer Page
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Re: News Items
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I just wish more members would pin their location to the map and the keyboards they own. :(
It is such a nice feature of this forum.
I saw many times members asking for help without telling the other members who are willing to help for which model they need their assistance.
An update of the member's profile won't harm anyone...

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Re: News Items
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Thank you very much Joe W. for your effort in the search for tools that improve each day the search, information and interaction with other members of this wonderful Forum.   is very Valuable.    Greetings     Hans
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