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Jeff Hollande

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Looking for a DGX 660
« on: November 02, 2017, 02:27:45 AM »
Hi Vi,

I am an S770 owner and a frequent DAW user.

It is my serious intention to order an additional brand new DGX 660 ( want to keep my S770 ! ).
I have a few questions after I have seen the Demo Video.

01. This kb has been launched by Yamaha in 2016, available in black and white. Am I right ?
02. Will a successor be expected soon ?
03. Multipads are not usable, right ?
04. Do you recommend extra accessories ?
05. Does it play midi files and styles files ( USB pen driver ) ?
06. Which styles can it play ? Plse indicate the arranger kb models.
07. What about XGWorks and the DGX 660 ? XGW DGX Voice list available or an other Voice list than can be used ?
08. Can I connect my S770 with the DGX 660 by midi ?
09. Any recommendations or suggestions ?

Looking forward to reading your reply soon. :)

Many thanks and best regards from The Netherlands, Jeff


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Re: Looking for a DGX 660
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2017, 05:31:11 AM »
Hi Jeff,

To briefly answer your questions:

1. The answer is yes.

2. Since all DGX digital piano have been coming out every third year with clock regularity, you might expect the DGX 670 (or whatever it will be called) to come out at the beginning of 2019.

3. Nope. Keep your PSR S770.

4. It depends what you want to do. The internal amplification is fine for home usage. If you have an iPad, you will need an USB B printer cable and Appleís Camera Connection Kit (the new Lightning version if you have a recent iPad). If you want to connect the DGX to your computer, youíll simply need the USB B printer cable. If you want to sing, obviously youíll need a microphone.

5. and 6. Yes, it plays both MIDI and style files, both SFF1 and SFF2 type. It plays the files directly from a pendrive. As for what type of keyboard, it is hard to tell which ones will be compatible. Just pick what you like from the website and try it out! There might be some issues if the style file is too large or too sophisticated.
I am planning to post a new topic about style files which are compatible with the DGX line of keyboards and make it sticky, that way all DGX users will be able to upload and download style files that will be known to work with these digital pianos. It will be forbiden to post commercial style files coming from Yamaha or other vendors of course. Iíll try to do this over the weekend.

7. I donít know XG works. It would be better to ask this question in the board dedicated to software.

8. Nope. If you want to use the DGX as a MIDI controller for the PSR S770 it will not work. It might be possible to connect both keyboard to a MIDI sequencer though, but I cannot answer this question because I never tried this.

9. By all means go in a shop and try the DGX before buying it. It is very different from the PSR S770, with both keybords having their weak and strong points, so you have to try out the keyboard at length to decide that this is really the model you need on top of your PSR S770. Donít forget that the DGX 660 styles only have one intro, one ending and two variations, so you might find this boring when compared to the S770. But it does have 88 weighted keys, an outstanding piano sound and a vocal processor (although not as sophisticated as in the PSR S970 and the Tyros of course).

Hope this helps,

Best Regards,

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Jeff Hollande

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Re: Looking for a DGX 660
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2017, 06:20:22 AM »
Hi Vi,

Many, many thanks for your clear and great answers.
What a great service. WOW ! Very much appreciated. 😄

The only problem that might change my mind : no direct midi connection.
The piano sound is great ... a lot better than the S770 piano sound, IMHO.

A new " light " synth could be a good alternative for me.

A shop visit will determine my final decision, I guess.
Internet research will be my first job.

Anyway, an additional kb will be purchased by me.😊
That is a fact.

Best regards, Jeff

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Re: Looking for a DGX 660
« Reply #3 on: November 02, 2017, 12:41:01 PM »
08. Can I connect my S770 with the DGX 660 by midi ?

You can, but not directly via a MIDI cable, because the DGX-660 doesn't have MIDI ports, only USB-MIDI. That means you'll need to connect both keyboards to a device that can act as a USB host.

In a home or studio environment this would typically be a computer, laptop, or suitable mobile device (i.e., a tablet or phone). Then you can use software to route the MIDI data back and forth between the two keyboards as desired. Most DAWs work nicely for this, or even a program as simple as the MIDI-OX utility.

But for live performances or other situations where you'd rather not use a computer or laptop, there are a few standalone USB-MIDI interfaces that can serve as a USB host, such as
- the Kenton MIDI USB Host MkII,
- the Sevilla Soft USB Host MIDI 2,
- the Sevilla Soft USB Host MIDI Router,
- or certain interfaces from iConnectivity.
I haven't used any of these myself, so I can't vouch for them personally, but be aware that only some of the iConnectivity interfaces can act as a USB host. The least expensive option (aside from assembling your own interface, as one member here did) appears to be the Sevilla Soft USB Host MIDI 2, although the Sevilla Soft USB Host MIDI Router offers more possibilities as far as the number of connections and routing between them.
Michael Rideout
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Jeff Hollande

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Re: Looking for a DGX 660
« Reply #4 on: November 02, 2017, 03:06:41 PM »
Thank you very much for this great info.
I only work in my home studio.
XGWorks, Sonar and my kb are my tools.

Additional info is always very welcome !
Thanks in advance !