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Yamaha S Series Tabla Styles SFF2 Format
These Style Sets Format SFF2 include songs based on Beats/Rhythms/Styles for Yamaha keyboards with Indian Kit. These styles can also be used  with many different other songs. These Indian Kit styles are available with all possible variations.These styles are not available in keyboards.

Why Choosing Our Styles?
Creating high quality Yamaha S Series Styles or Yamaha S Series Drum Beats for Yamaha PSR arranger keyboards usually takes too much time and effort. Furthermore, the quality of the resulting Yamaha Style may not be as expected nor of good musical taste if not composed and produced by experienced professional musicians. Therefore, getting your  Yamaha Styles from professional music content providers and/or producers will be the best option to take advantage of the wide musical tastes produced and high quality styles found in professional Yamaha Styles which are marketed nowadays.

If you are serious about your music career or developing your hobby with Yamaha PSR arranger keyboards, then it's time to consider enriching your musical experience with diverse genres of musical styles, and of course, selecting only the high quality styles. Do not waste your time creating and quantizing all Yamaha Style elements; instead, focus on your musical performance by using our diverse ready-made high quality Yamaha PSR Styles.

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