Author Topic: Where can I download songs and other for psr-E 453 'can I also use PSR-S970?  (Read 731 times)

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Where can I download songs and other for PSR-E 453 can I also use PSR-S970?
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You can download many MIDI song files for free if you search on the web, and there are several sites that sell MIDI song files, including Yamaha MusicSoft. A lot of MIDI song files use GM (General MIDI) instrument sounds so they'll be compatible with a larger number of brands and models of keyboards, and those files will play on the PSR-E453. Some sites also have MIDI song files that use XG (Yamaha's extension of General MIDI) instrument sounds, and those files should also play on the PSR-E453, but it might not be 100% compatible with the messages and instrument sounds in those files. For the best results it's a good idea to use a utility program to see what instrument sounds are selected within a given MIDI file and replace them as appropriate with the best instrument sounds that are available on your particular keyboard model.
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You can download 70 songs and a song book about them from the Yamaha site, by following this link:
Check the page 11 at your manual for more info.
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