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Genos Registrations
« on: October 18, 2017, 11:41:14 AM »
With the assistance of Frank (Frankmusik), I now have a couple of original Genos registrations for analysis.

The good news is that the core of the Genos registration is nearly identical to the S970 which means that I will be able to add the Genos to YRM over the next few months.

There are some interesting changes in the registration.  Since the original introduction of .rgt, the file was made up of three parts, first the header that described the keyboard and number of characters in the file, the second part was is the place for registration sequence, finally spaces for the eight buttons.

Genos has inserted another part after registration sequence and in these sample registrations contain 512 empty characters.  There is no indication of what will be going into this section at this time.

The now ten buttons have 35 new file sections added to the end of each button segment.  These sections consist of 5,600 characters for each button.  This means that Genos registration files will be 5 times larger than the files on previous keyboards.  These new sections probably deal with storing the values of the new controls.


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Re: Genos Registrations
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Perhaps the DSP parameter values are saved. S970 does this, Tyros 5 does not.
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