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Playing the drawbars (Martin Harris video)
« on: October 12, 2017, 06:56:53 AM »
Hi --

By now, everyone has seen Martin Harris's Genos video recorded for Sweetwater:

This is a nice short lesson on playing the drawbars. We should be able to apply Martin's technique on any PSR/Tyros with organ flutes, although drawbar sliders make it easier to play the drawbars. I'm going to try this on Reface YC, too.

Around 11:20, Martin demonstrates the Genos drawbar organ. I dug his short noodle, and wrote down the drawbar settings:

    88 4300 000  Rotary fast, 3rd harmonic percussion (2 2/3')
    88 3100 000
    88 310x xx0  At 11:56 Martin plays the bars marked 'x'
    88 3102 340
    88 3100 143
    88 3672 102
    88 4000 000  Solo, rotary slow

A short lesson. Hope I got these right because the screen is hard to read. Zoom in, dudes!

There's a little bit of third harmonic percussion (2 2/3'). Pull the 2 2/3' percussion bar out to 1 and set the attack to First. Sounds like a long-ish attack. Zoom in, dudes!

At 11:56, Martin plays the bars by manipulating the 2', 1 3/5', and 1 1/3' drawbars. He doesn't pull them out far -- just enough to get a shimmer.

Note: The three groups of drawbars are: SUB, FOUNDATION and BRILLIANCE. These are the three groups of sound color in the drawbar system of voicing.

Hey, hey, have fun -- pj
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