Author Topic: Tried CRC QD Electronic Cleaner on Sticky Button now button doesn't work at all  (Read 876 times)

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I tried the CRC QD Electronic Cleaner on a sticky Exit button and now the button doesn't work at all.  Thoughts?


Offline NASAMike

This was the EXIT Button.  Is there any other way to Exit besides this button?


Offline Joe H

You might try canned air or a vacuum cleaner,  it was probably some dirt or dust lodged in the button contacts.  Hard to say what the contact cleaner did, but someone else may be able to comment on that. (depending on how much you sprayed in there.)

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You may well be right, Joe.  I use CRC QD Electronic Cleaner too and have always had good results.  I don't use an over abundance of the cleaner though and we don't know how much was sprayed around the periphery of the button.  One minute particle of a solid foreign object may be the culprit.  If that's the case, a can of compressed air, as you suggested, may remedy the situation.  :)
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Regular CRC is not recommended for cleaning delicate, low-voltage electronics - it tends to destroy them because it is conductive, and contains some solvents. You will likely have to replace that button, but before doing so, try using a shop vac and vacuum the button, then hit it with a blast of canned air. Unfortunately, this is the best I can offer at this point.

Good luck,

Gary 8)
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