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STS volume ???
« on: September 14, 2017, 02:14:14 PM »
This seems to be a common issue with all Yamaha and Tyros arranger. At least up to Tyros3 which I own.
Here is the issue:
1) playing a selected style,  and select one of the STS button to get right hand voices. Often time, the volume level of the right hand voices are either too low OR too high compared to ryhtm volume
2) yes, I can adjust the right hand volume level while playing, not too hard with sliders on Tyros3, but very TOUGH on smaller models (7XX and 9XX) as they have no sliders, just plain up / down button instead.
And this issue appears to be on almost any rythm I tried
Tyros3 has a slider that can be assigned as "right hand volume",  This makes volume adjustment easier.
But sometimes, even if I move this slider all the way up, the RH volume is still not loud enough, so I had to reduce rythm volume, then crank up the MASTER volume (of the entire keyboard).
This is a very nasty thing to deal with while plying in real-time for hours, changing from one rythm to another.

My old KORG-PA50 simply has 3 sliders:  MASTER volume (for all), ACCCOMPANIEMENT volume and RH volume.
This makes it so simple to match acccomp volume and RH volume while playing.

I am sure that Tyros3 owners have the same issue.

Currently, I had to (for each rythm)
1) set rythm volume (to 60 or 70 for example)
2) play it, then select each STS, adjust the RH volume with the 3 sliders for RH1, RH2, RH3, then hit two buttons to save that setting, without saving the style
3) after setting the last STS, then stop playing the rythm, then SAVE this RYTHM  on USB or HDD
4) from now on, only use this "saved" rythm instead of the factory ones.
I spent time to adjust RH volume for about 3 dozen rythms that I play frequently.

I also use registrations to save 8 preferred voices (per bank), and again I have to do the same thing to set their volume level so they all have about the same level. Otherwise, changing voices with registration button could result in a voice that is VERY LOUD or VERY FAINT.

How do you deal with accomp / RH volume levels ?


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Re: STS volume ???
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2017, 03:38:55 PM »
What's "STS"?

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Re: STS volume ???
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I believe tyros2009 means OTS, Fred.  :)
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