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Midi on Clavinova Pianos
« on: May 07, 2017, 11:12:17 AM »
Clavinova Cable connections to an iPad: Some recommendations.

Yamaha’s MD-BT01 wireless Bluetooth adapter: not recommended.
Plug it into the midi ports beneath the keyboard and wirelessly provide a midi link to keyboard and iPad.  Works well, once the Clavinova and iPad are paired.  But[, pairing isn’t remembered by your iPad, and the process requires that you need to run a particular Yamaha iPad app in order to make the pairing each and every time you want to use the midi link on a new occasion. Yamaha Chord Tracker works, but I prefer Korg’s  Ble-Midi.
Better solution: recommended.
Just connect the built-in usb-a port of your Clavinova to the lightning port of your iPad via a usb-b adapter and usb-a to usb-b cable (printer cable).  When the iPad and Clavinova are powered up the midi connection is established automatically.  No need to run additional software.
I recently acquired access to the Playground Sessions suite of piano lessons that is advertised on Yamaha’s MusicSoft site.  It works with both these midi solutions, but the latter, direct cabling is faster, easier (much less frustrating), and cheaper.
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