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psr 3000 and musicsheet pro settings
« on: March 20, 2017, 11:45:19 PM »
Dear all,

I searched the forum and the web and got in touch with the app support team, but could not solve my issue.

I own my psr3000 and an android tablet with MusicSheetPro full version.

I'd like to change a song from the tablet (that displays my sheet music) and have a change in my keyboard settings ( voices, style, maybe multipad..)

With a korg arranger ( pa2x) this is very easy. The program has a korg template, in midi settings you link a number in the MSP entry (song) which correspond to the same number of the songbook song of the korg (which is the equivalent of music finder in Yamaha). Having set the app and the keyboard to send-receive on the same midi channel, and having set the keyboard midi receive channel to CONTROL, which I assume in Yamaha is KEYBOARD, everything works nicely: I select my msp song and the korg goes to my entry.

I read in this forum that this can be done and works with tyros and other apps, mainly using registrations, which would be good for me. But unfortunately I cannot do it. I went through the midi set list but I don't see how to recall registrations or music finder entries via midi. I can individually recall voices or styles, but that's not what I need.

Can you help me please?

Thanks a lot. Simone