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Yamaha npv80
« on: January 22, 2017, 06:56:34 PM »
Hi, I have the Npv80. Does anyone know if i can use Any PSR style file. if not is there a way to covert it for Npv 80. Thanks

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Re: Yamaha npv80
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2017, 01:05:06 AM »
Hello htuyenng,

I also have an nvp80 and found that I was able to use a lot of piano styles from earlier model keyboards.
The nvp80 is only capapble of 2 variations,  1 intro and 1 ending.    Maybe somebody else has better advice
to offer.   

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Re: Yamaha npv80
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2017, 01:18:43 PM »
Here is some additional advice - I wouldn't call it 'better' advice!   ;D

The NP-V80 uses the original SFF style file format also referred to as SFF1.

There is a second  style format used on  many Tyros and recent PSR-S ranges called SFF-GE or SFF2.

Your keyboard can't use styles in this format, however Jørgen Sørensen has produced a range of software for PC to help with such situations.  This can be downloaded for free from the following links...

To check the format of style files...

To convert SFF2 styles to SFF1...

Many styles will have  3 intros and endings, and 4 main variations, as well as an extra OTS section which can set up suitable voices on keyboards that are enabled for this.

As Elaine said, your keyboard can't access all of these but the extra sections themselves won't necessarily cause problems.

However the extra sections can mean that the size of the style is too big to load on some keyboards, and then the style won't load even if converted to SFF1.

Fortunately there is another piece of software for PC which allows you to 'remix' styles to discard the OTS and style sections from the original to reduce the size enough so that it can be loaded on such keyboards, although you would still need to convert an SFF2 style to SFF1! 

The style must also have the file extension'.sty' and the program will change the extension for you if necessary ...

Obviously some of the voices used by style parts may nor be available on your keyboard, but it is certainly worth trying any styles that you like the idea of to see how they sound.

To use a 'user' style on your V80  it must be loaded into style number 161.

You can do this from a USB stick as explained in the manual, but the styles must be in the root of the device. They will not be found if they are in a folder off the root drive.  Note too that there must be no more than 100 styles in the root.


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