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how to
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Hi my name is Ash.   I am disabled and use a wheelchair.   I play the keyboard but i can only use on hand my left hand.   I play the right hand with my left hand and use midi files as backing.  I'm learning parts of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, I have learned the bass line for when the guitar solo plays but now I've got the problem of what to play in the operatic part of the song, i don't want to play just the melody all the way through. I play the melody for the first 2 verses then for the guitar solo i play the bass sound. i split the keys so left hand plays bass guitar sound and right hand plays sax or whatever, so for the operatic section i'll still be on the same split sound bass and sax, how do i save and recall setups (registrations) ? i can only use my left hand.  I have a Yamaha PSR E453 keyboard.

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Re: how to
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Hello, Ash! Welcome to the forums.

The procedures for saving and recalling a Registration are described on page 35 of the Owner's Manual. By the way, if you don't already have the PDF versions of the Owner's Manual, Data List, and MIDI Reference, I would recommend that you download them from Yamaha, because it's a lot easier to find information in them if you can use the Adobe Acrobat Reader's "find" command (CTRL-F) to search for a specific word or phrase. You can get them from the following page:

One thing you should know about setting up the PSR-E453 the way you want is to always select the Main Voice first (see page 20 of the Owner's Manual). This is because when you select the Main Voice it will cause several of the other settings to be changed automatically as well-- e.g., it will set the various parameters for the Main Voice to specific defaults; it will turn the Dual Voice on or off, set the Dual Voice number (even if it was turned off), as well as the various parameters for the Dual Voice; it may or may not do the same with the Split Voice (depending on which voice number was chosen for the Main Voice); it will set the Reverb Type and Chorus Type; it will turn the Harmony on or off, set the Harmony Type, as well as the Harmony Volume; and it will do the same for the Arpeggio. That means if you go through the process of setting the Reverb Type, Chorus Type, Harmony Type, Dual Voice, Split Voice, etc., and after doing all that you select a different Main Voice, it will cause all the settings you just changed to get replaced by whatever default settings Yamaha decided to use for the given Main Voice. So set the Main Voice first and modify its parameters; then set the Dual Voice and modify its parameters; then set the Split Voice and modify its parameters; and finally set the desired effects (Reverb, Chorus, Harmony, etc.) and set their parameters. After that you can save everything to a Registration.

The PSR-E453 has four Registration buttons, and pressing one of them will instantly recall one of four different setups. However, there are eight (8 ) Registration Banks, so there are actually 32 Registrations in all-- i.e., 8 sets of 4. After you've set the voices and other functions the way you want, you can use the following procedure to save your setup to a Registration:

Select the Registration Bank where you want to store the setup:
- Tap the [BANK/MEMORY] button so the LCD screen says "Bank."
- Spin the Data Dial, or use the plus and minus buttons on the number pad, or just enter a digit 1 through 8 on the number pad to select the Registration Bank.

Save the current setup to one of the four Registrations in the selected Bank:
- Press the [BANK/MEMORY] button and keep it held down.
- Tap the desired [REGISTRATION MEMORY] button, 1, 2, 3, or 4, then let go of the [BANK/MEMORY] button; the LCD screen will say "Writing!"

Note that you don't need to keep reselecting the Registration Bank-- i.e., once you've selected a particular Bank it will stay selected until you either turn off the power or select a different Bank.

Recalling a Registration is even easier, because all you need to do is tap the particular [REGISTRATION MEMORY] button where you saved your setup. Of course, this is assuming you've already selected the desired Registration Bank! That means you can freely and instantly switch back and forth between up to four setups while playing a song, just by tapping the appropriate button. You can even save a different Style number to each Registration, such that you can instantly switch to a different Style for a given part of a song at the same time that you switch the voices. There is a list of the various settings which get saved to a Registration on page 35 of the Owner's Manual.
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