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Style creation
« on: August 01, 2016, 09:49:28 AM »
Hello All,

i have a small question in style creation.

we usually compose the style files while creating it,

Is there an option or any way to use MP3 or WAV file for creating style file?

For example , i would like to create Style file for an existing song , my out put style should be same as the original song.

The Intro part of the original song is always without vocal, so what if we can cut and use this kind of parts from original song and use it in style creation? it would be more realistic if we achieve it.

Please provide your suggestion on this.

(I have a Christian song and have a style file for it which is exactly the same tune of original song, i will post it for your reference in some time)

waiting for some awesome replies ;)

Thanks & Regards,

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Re: Style creation
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2016, 10:54:20 AM »
Hi David,

Styles are MIDI based (with the exception of the drum track in some of the latest keyboards T5, S970), and in order to add sounds to a MIDI track you must use a keyboard voice.

Some of the latest keyboards allow you to make WAV and other audio files into a keyboard voice which can then be installed in the expansion memory of these keyboards. When installed and selected, such a voice can be 'played' by pressing a key on the keyboard for the correct length of time, or by recording note events in the MIDI sequence.

Unfortunately if you are asking with regards to your PSR-S650, it does not have this facility.   Although it does contain 16 KB of built in expansion memory,  it uses an older data format for it's expansion packs (YEP) and Yamaha have never officially released any software which enables users to make their own packs or voices in YEP format.

So as far as incorporating the intro into a style, you need to obtain a MIDI of the song from the internet, or record the intro using Style Creator with MIDI voices.

In the specific case of a song Intro, as an alternative, it would be possible to play the WAV or MP3 audio file of the intro with the relevant style loaded with the correct MAIN section set to 'Sync Start'.   Then as the audio 'intro' ends you simply press a key in the chord section to start the style playing.

Obviously the key and tempo of the audio track would be fixed so you would have to play the keyboard in the same tempo and key or transpose the keyboard suitably.  You could use a computer DAW such as Cubase or the free Audacity to modify both the key and tempo to a small extent, but the results can depend upon the audio track that you are using, and how much you want to change these parameters.

Some Yamaha keyboards can play audio files internally from their hard disk or USB stick, but unfortunately the S650 does not have this facility so you would need to use an external audio player, although this could be as simple as a personal MP3 player.

Additionally while some Yamaha keyboards can play the sound from an external player (mixed with their own sounds) through their own internal speakers,  again unfortunately your S650 does not have an audio input to allow this, so you would have to play it back through an external amplifier/speaker system or powered speakers. 

This would only sound sensible if the keyboard was also playing through these external speakers so you would ideally use a small mixer to which you would connect the Headphone socket from the keyboard (which would cut off the keyboard's internal speakers),  plus the output from the external player (which could also be a headphone output).  The output from the mixer would then connect to the external speaker system.

I suspect that this information is not what you were hoping to hear,  but I hope that it has given you some food for thought!


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Re: Style creation
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2016, 01:45:12 PM »
Yes Ian ,

I got the information over my question , hope in the future these kind of options will come.

Thanks for the Explanation , very helpful. :)