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Problem installing voices to my T5
« on: June 20, 2016, 12:48:16 PM »
Hi all

Sorry if this is a dumb question... :(

I have managed to copy a selection of voices from a selection of packs to my USB and my T5 can read most of them..


I get no sound from the sa2 and the "live" samples..

Am I doing something wrong? Is there maybe a way of creating an expansion pack via YEM to install them properly so the T5 can read the properly? I have tried to google it by not getting anything helpful. I have tried importing them to create a new pack but the YEM does not process those file types.. and the .RGT's

I have installed my Yamaha Fl1024m mem module. Is it necessary to format it and how can I check if it is accessible to save the new expansion packs? I don't see any extra memory in the user property info (only about 8kb left) and the expansion user light does not come on...

Thanks in advance.

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