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PSR E433
« on: March 19, 2016, 01:00:08 PM »
 I just recently purchased Yamaha PSR i455 which I understand is very similar E433. This is my first keyboard. I'm just starting to set up panel settings (style, voice, rythem) for my live performance repertoire.
Could some one help with some "how to's" ...
for instance, using iPad or PC to memorize panel setting for more than "32 panel setting" limited by the keyboard; quick switching voices (say between Main & layered Dual voice! if the keyboard will allow)

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Re: PSR E433
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2016, 01:41:01 PM »
Welcome, MehbT! I'm very interested to hear more about your PSR-I455, and especially to see some USR or BUP files saved from it. :)

You should check out the "PSR-E Series" subforum (,64.0.html) for discussions related to Yamaha's XGlite-compatible models-- DGX, PSR-E, PSR-I, YPG*, and YPT*. And there are several other subforums which are relevant to all Yamaha keyboard users.

* YPG models are the same as certain DGX models, and YPT models are the same as certain PSR-E models, as indicated by their Owner's Manual titles and other documents.
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Re: PSR E433
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2016, 02:08:25 PM »
Hi MehbT,

Welcome to a great keyboard website.  I see you just registered here this afternoon.  Congratulations on your purchase of a PSR-I455.

Michael has already pointed you to some of the website's information stored here.  There's a wealth of knowledge to be gained here, so please take a look some of the tutorials you will find links to on the Home page.

This link will take you to the Home page of the website:

Should you later decide to become a supporting member, other forum boards will be available to you as well as a wealth of musical knowledge.

If you have any questions just ask.  There are many members here ready, willing and eager to help you.

P.S.  You're in good hands with Michael!
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My best regards,

(The older I get...the better I used to be...LOL!!!)
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Re: PSR E433
« Reply #3 on: March 23, 2016, 07:58:15 AM »
Thank you - appreciate your recommendation. The PSR tutorial is very informative and explained a number of issues I had encountered. I will refer to it as I continue using my new keyboard.
I did not see any discussions on how to save more than 32 Panel Settings - i455 has 4 registration memory & 8 banks. I am already on my 12th panel setting, but will eventually need 100+. Can I use an iPad to save them? If so how?  I also have use of a laptop PC - but iPad would be more convenient for my "gigs".

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Re: PSR E433
« Reply #4 on: March 23, 2016, 10:16:42 AM »
You can save a USR file to a USB flash drive. It will have your 32 Registrations, 10 User Songs if you've recorded any, and 5 User Styles if you've loaded any. You can also use Yamaha's MusicSoft Downloader (on a Windows device) or MusicSoft Manager (on an Apple iOS device) to save a BUP file to a computer or tablet. In most cases a USR file is preferred, but both types of file have their advantages.

Note that in the future it would be best to start a new thread, or else add to an existing thread about the same topic if one already exists, rather than tacking a new topic onto an existing thread that started about a different topic. It's also best to post in an appropriate forum for your topic. This makes it easier for people to find helpful information when they're browsing the forums. :)

Your question about Registrations could fit under two different forums, either "PSR-E Series" or "Registration," but "PSR-E Series" is probably the better fit, since the answer involves saving either a USR file or a BUP file. Of course, if you had already known that then you wouldn't have needed to ask your question, so the "Registration" forum would have also been suitable, and then the topic could be moved or continued in the "PSR-E Series" forum once it became apparent that the discussion was especially pertinent to users of PSR-E and related models. :)

I'll start a new thread about USR files and BUP files in the "PSR-E Series" forum so this topic can be discussed in more detail there. :)
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