Author Topic: Recording Midifiles from Logic Pro (sequencer Mac) to PSR S-670  (Read 908 times)

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Recording Midifiles from Logic Pro (sequencer Mac) to PSR S-670
« on: January 05, 2016, 11:45:04 AM »

I loaded a midi file into logic Pro on my Mac and now i want to record it into my PSR S-670.
In Logic i have 16 channels that transmit midi to the 16 channels of the PSR
I adjusted the midi template called "Songs" on the PSR S-670 so that is responds to midi clock from Logic.
I push the rec button on the keyboard and it waits for Logic to start. So far so good.
When i start playback from Logic the keyboard plays back the sounds from the midifile and the recording starts.
When i stop playback  in Logic , then i stop the recording on the PSR.
Then i disable midi on the PSR so that i can control the internal clock again. (when the PSR is listening to an external midi clock i can't start playback)
When i play back the recording on the PSr it is empty, nothing gets recorded. Since the sounds are playing when Logic plays, the midi gets received by the PSR. I have the Song channels set to USB port 1.
Is the song recorder on the PSR S-670 not able to record external midi?
I know that i can export the midi file from Logic to USB thumb drive and play it this way on the PSR, but i wanted to skip this step.
Maybe this is not possible and the song recorder is only able to record the internal parts from the Keyboard itself?

Is there somebody who can confirm this?