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Early Thoughts DGX650
« on: December 13, 2015, 08:56:01 AM »
I've spent a few hours with the keyboard and thought I'd share a few thoughts.

This the first 88 piano type keyboard I've had where I was trying to learn how to play.  I've owned PSR's and currently own a PSR S970 as well as Tyros 4.

First off, I do love playing an 88 weighted keys; keyboard.  This keyboard is going to stay home most of the time though...too heavy and bulky for gigs.

Sound is very good and can be adjusted through EQ depending on the desired sound.

Keyboard action is very good as well.  I say that as someone who doesn't have a lot of time on weighted keys.  I did spend a lot of time this past year playing various Clavinovas and acoustic pianos.  For the price, I was very satisfied with key action.

As an arranger, the OS, features, styles and so forth are very reminiscent of my PSR E 434(I think is the number).  This is nothing close to the levels of any of the PSR S keyboards I've owned...but I didn't buy it for that purpose.  The keyboard does have some basic editing features for voices but I haven't messed with that yet.

The speakers produce a nice sound but are only loud enough for a generally smaller room in the house.  My wife and neighbors will appreciate that.

The stand is attractive enough for a budget stand and did take a while to put together.  As with many budget types of things, the screw holes weren't tapped to line up perfectly...but I did get it together.  I was able to place the keyboard in the stand and secure it by myself.

After owning my arrangers, I find the viewing screen on the DGX. TINY...useable but small. But for what I plan to use the DGX for, the viewing screen isn't that big a deal.

I did not get the three pedal system for the DGX as it is sold out most places.  So, for the sustain pedal, I'm using a regular foot of the larger metal ones.

Got a very good deal through Devin Cunningham at Sweetwater and was able to use my interest free card.

I'm guessing the successor to the DGX650 will be coming out in the next year or so. However, I decided not to wait as I'm guessing Yamaha won't change the biggies like a better key bed etc.

Take care all.
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