Author Topic: PSR S900 usb audio recorder won't save file as normal ?  (Read 1227 times)

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PSR S900 usb audio recorder won't save file as normal ?
« on: November 03, 2015, 10:39:32 AM »
Hello folks,
Still on the 900.....waiting for second-hand T5 prices to drop !
I've been using the S900 usb audio for a couple of years.I have 20 tracks saved to USB stick which play fine.
I've been recording some new tracks for my saxophone play-over gigs.
Everything records ok but there is not the usual "save" option when complete although the track can be found eventually.
I want to add to existing list but can't seem to get through the menu to achieve this. Normally when track is finished,I simply name it and add it to USB1 list.   Any ideas gratefully received. (Plenty of space on USB and I did a keyboard reset).

John in the UK.

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Re: PSR S900 usb audio recorder won't save file as normal ?
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2015, 02:27:07 PM »
Hello John,

There really is no save option on the USB audio recorder. When you finish your recording and press the Stop button the system automatically saves and names the file. A message briefly appears on screen saying File Saved As   Audio_nnn.wav   , where "nnn" is a three-digit number. If you have no other similarly-named files on the USB stick then nnn will be 001.  If you do have other such files then the one just saved will have a value for nnn that is 1 greater than the previously highest numbered file. For example, if you already have a file named Audio_123.wav then the next one saved will be automatically named  Audio_124.wav  I don't know what happens if you already have 999 such files but that probably wouldn't occur because Yamaha usually limits the total number of files in a folder to some lesser number, probably 250 on a PSR-S900.

It's been a while since I moved from S900 to S910 but I think there is an "Audition" button on the USB audio recorder screen. If you press that button you should see all the .wav files on the stick and can re-name them as desired.

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