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Building a catalog; getting started
« on: September 06, 2015, 09:42:44 AM »
I have a brand new PSR-950.  As a former owner of MIDI instruments that were popular on the Mayflower (Prophet5, Oberheim, Moog, DX-7, etc) I'm familiar with the basics but things have changed just a tad.

I want to build a catalog that includes pop, pop ballads, classical ballads, etc.  It's just hard to tell where to begin.  The goal is to perform as a solo.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. Any sources for purchasing prearranged tunes designed for the -950 would be good to know too.



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Re: Building a catalog; getting started
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2015, 11:16:58 AM »
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Unless you want to sing along with midi files or recordings, which, gathering from your instrument list you won't want to do, then I'm afraid you need to build your play list one song at a time.
You can start with the Musicfinder in the PSRS-950.
There are some good setups there that Yamaha has done some of the legwork for you, including styles suggestions and One-touch settings for lead instruments.  There are also a lot of weak ones that you will prefer to change or start fresh.
Start with a song you like and want to perform.  Check Music Finder list for it.   Audition styles to find one that fits, right tempo, etc.  Find the key you want to do it in, or sing it in.  After you have everything set, save it to a Registration, or a custom Musicfinder list.
I prefer Registrations because they are more versatile and inclusive.   I save each song I want to do on Memory One, in it's own Registration BANK.  This way they are automatically alphabetized.  You can name them anything you want and they are easy to find.  Since there are eight memories for each Bank, you can save different sounds, variations--whatever you wish for that song in the remaining blank memories.  There are tutorials on this site that will help you with organizing your keyboard.
After you have the first song created and saved, guess what?  Time to do the next one, and so on.
You have a big learning curve ahead.  You will need to learn how to operate the instrument, and learn the operating system. Yamaha's OS is not easy compared to some of the other brands, but once you learn it, will do what you want.
I always set up a Bank or two of Generic Registrations to use with multiple songs.  I store, for example, Shuffle on M1, 2/4 Country on M2, Waltz on M3, 4/4 slow on M4, Latin on M5. . . you get the idea.  Then I am always a button push away from one of eight "go-to" setups. 
There are so many ways to set up your arranger.  Mine of course is the best way.  :)
Any time you get stuck, ask on here and you'll get help, but FIRST READ THE MANUAL, while sitting in front of the keyboard!