Author Topic: How do you edit a song as want to change the voice & style (PSR-S750 newbie)?  (Read 1060 times)

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Have just replaced my old PSR 630 with PSR-S750 and struggling with general song creation.
Keyboard sound fantastic but the manual seems a bit lacking (or maybe I am a bit thick on this one ;0) ).

I've created a basic test song and want to be able to edit/change things like voices and styles.
How do I do this? I've tried all sorts but when I replay the song just plays the original song I created :0(.

I really want to be able to get fluent at working my around this keyboard otherwise will get frustrated.

Thanks all.

Offline MBedesem


For editing voices and many other things in a midi song, see here:

One thing you cannot do is edit an existing midi for the style used. This is because the song is the generated notes, not commands to the style player within the instrument.

To change the style used, you can either re-record the song at the keyboard or use the Step Record features of your instrument.

Step Record is explained in the Reference Manual for the 950/750 (check index for location) available here: It is not a widely used facility.


Michael P. Bedesem
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Hi Michael.
Many thanks for the reply/ advice. It is very much appreciated.
I will have a the links.

Thanks again