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Offline Linda K

A New Possibility: Keith McMillen 12Step Chromatic Keyboard Foot Controller - An Aid to Pain Management and Extended Chord Range?

Greetings All

As I am very new to using ‘Midi’, I would very much appreciate all comments, about this controller; especially regarding ‘Presets’, Do you think this could refer to ‘styles & setups’ on a keyboard?

Continuing my search for a foot controller, I was alerted to the Keith McMillen 12Step Controller by a member of this Forum. I have watched Utube videos and downloaded the manual. Then I emailed the above company questioning if the 12Step controller would trigger chords on Yamaha keyboards. This was their response:

“Yes, the 12 Step can trigger chords, and comes with a wide variety of chord presets (including diminished).

The 12 Step editor application also allows you to customize your own chords and presets as well.”

From Utube videos I have watched, it seems very likely that I could use this foot controller with my left arm, instead of the single note chords on the T1.

The foot controller could be set up within closer reach to my left arm, than my keyboard now offers, thus significantly reducing my neck, arm, shoulder and spinal pain. Or, I could use my feet!

The manual says that the 12Step product, with the software, and a KMI MIDI Expander, will trigger all chords including the following:

15. LEAd - “Blues Lead”
16. bLUE - “Blues Bass”
17. PEnt - “Major Pentatonic”
18. -Pnt - “Minor Pentatonic”
19. -3rd - “Minor 3rds”
20. 3Rd - “Major 3rds”
21. dIA3 - “Diatonic 3rds”
22. 4tHS - “4ths”
23. dIA4 - “Diatonic 4ths”
24. StC4 - “Stacked 4ths”
25. trtn - “Tritone”
26. 5tHS - “5ths”
27. dIA5 - “Diatonic 5ths”
28. StC5 - “Stacked 5ths”
29. -6tH - “Minor 6ths”
30. 6tHS - “Major 6ths”
31. dIA6 - “Diatonic 6ths”
32. -7tH - “Minor 7ths”
33. 7tHS - “Major 7ths”
34. OCt - “Octave”
35. 5OCt - “5 Octaves”
36. -9tH - “Minor 9ths”
37. 9tHS - “Major 9ths”
38. -10S - “Minor 10ths”
39. 10tH - “Major 10ths”
40. -trd - “Minor Triads”
41. trAd - “Major Triads”
42. dtrd - “Diatonic Triads”
43. -145 - “1-4-5-7 Minor Chords”
44. 1457 - “1-4-5-7 Major Chords”
45. dI - “Diminished Chords”
46. AUG - “Augmented Triads”
47. PO - “Power Chords Normal”
48. EPO - “Power Chords Legato”
49. POtG - “Power Chords Toggle”
50. InPO - “Inverted Power Chords”
51. d_LO - “Drop D -12”
52. drOP - “Drop D Legato”
53. -6CH - “Minor 6th Chords”
54. 6CHd - “Major 6th Chords”
55. -FL7 - “Minor b7 Chords”
56. FLt7 - “Major b7 Chords”
57. dI7C - “Diatonic 7th Chords (Major)”
58. SUS4 - “Sus 4 Chords”
59. SUS9 - “Sus 9 Chords”

At the moment I can only play single finger chords (no fingers on left arm)and these only include minor, seventh, and minor seventh chords-so this would be great advantage!

Many Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

Linda K

Link to Manual:

Link to utube videos :
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Offline Bill Grosse


I hadn't even thought of you using the 12 step with your arm and that offers you possibly even more accurate chord selection.

I do think the 12 step offers you a viable option for playing the styles.

If you decide to get the 12 step, be sure you also get the MIDI connection package that goes with the 12 step as you will definitely need that.

We will help you with an issues you come across with the unit.

Bill G
I wasn't going to do anything today - so far, I'm on schedule, :)

Offline CrzyCDN

Hi Linda

I have been pondering your situation and the use of a foot controller.

Would you have to program the controller for every song for the 12 specific chords you wish to use for that song?

I'm ask this because there are so many chords.

In fingered mode, I believe yamaha lists about (30 chord variations for it's keyboards) times (12 root chords)  = 360 chords

Granted - most of us do not use many of the obscure chords.

If you play songs in the same key, it would be reduced (the keyboard could transpose to different key signatures)

As Bill G. mentioned - This group I'm sure could assist with any technical issues to make the controller play chords on your keyboard.
Something to consider.

Regards - Ted


Offline Linda K

Hi Bill

Thank you so very much for your suggestions and offer of assistance. ;D

You said in your post Bill:

“I do think the 12 step offers you a viable option for playing the STYLES”.

My understanding of the manual and videos is that, a chord IS selected and assigned to a 12Step button-using the software.

Then the chords chosen can be played using legato mode on/off, I would choose it to have it on. However I am unclear if the chords chosen for each song will also  trigger the STYLES chosen on the KB . Can you help with this question please?

In a previous post Bill you said it was difficult to find a retailer selling the 12Step product.

I checked on

Sold by: LLC

12 Step Chromatic Keyboard Foot Controller &

KMI MIDI Expander

$304 (Aus Dollars)

Tax and postage not included.

Also can be purchased from company Keith McMillen.

Hope this info is useful Bill :)

Kind regards

Linda K
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Offline Linda K

Hi Ted

I very much appreciate your thoughtful questions. Thank you. ;D ;D

I play all my songs in key C, which I can transpose to any of the other 11 keys I choose.

With the use of 12 Step and software, ‘The 12 Step Editor’, desired chords are selected and transposed to the required key.

I generally use between 3-8 chords per song, and can’t imagine I will use more than this upper limit. As I understand the manual, the setlist  holds up to 128 presets

Thanks again for your great questions Ted. :) :)

Linda K
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Offline Bill Grosse


I am out of town on short vacation, but should be back Monday.
Just too hardto answer on my IPhone.

Fingers too big.

Bill G
I wasn't going to do anything today - so far, I'm on schedule, :)

Offline Linda K

Have a great vacation Bill ;D ;D ;D

Linda K

Offline CrzyCDN

Hi Linda
It appears you are aware of what I was questioning.
The set-list option you mentioned could probably be programmed for 90% of the standard chord progressions.
Good Luck - sounds like you may have a viable solution for your needs.
Regards - Ted

Offline Linda K

Thanks again Ted ;D ;D

Linda K