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Where Is My Account????
« on: January 03, 2013, 08:56:44 AM »
Once you are a registered user in the forum, you can visit at any time, read and respond to any message, start new topics, download any file attachments.  However, if TWO YEARS go by and you have not visited the forum at all in that period, your account will be deleted by the forum administrators.  You do not need to post anything; many members are simply "readers" who do not post messages.  But you do need to at least visit the forum occasionally.  There is no penalty involved if your account is removed.  You can always simply re-register again using the same username you had in the past.

Some members request that they be notified of any responses to a post.  The "system" will send you an email whenever a reply to that post is added.  The email goes to the email address you set when you registered.  If you change that email address, it is important for you to also change the email address in your profile.  If not, messages get sent to an outdated email and that causes a lot of unwanted messages returned to the system administrator (i.e. user not found, etc.)  This is one of the reasons we periodically purge the membership rolls for inactive users.
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Re: Where Is My Account????
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If I may, a visit to the forum must include your logging in to open your account.
This will register your visit and set your days back to zero.

And, as Joe mentioned, you do not need to post anything, just log in once in every two year period.  :o

Bill G
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Re: Where Is My Account????
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Thumbs up for deleting unused accounts!

Since the beginning of the internet, I have opened quite a few accounts, that I do not use anymore. In most cases, there is no provision to delete accounts, I wish I could delete those unused accounts.
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