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Chord display in
« on: September 17, 2011, 11:09:54 AM »
This is a need I have been trying to fill for quite a while.  Chord display in my T2 and a PSR3000. I've used PSRUTI, Producer, and Serenade for chord input into a midi file in the computer. When loading the midi file into the T2 etc the chords do show up in the score window but not in the' Digital Recording/Song creator/Chord(tab)' of the Midi notation display. It only shows the setup for the current style voices and ends at the end of measure 1.  It seems that it would be much easier to make edits at the keyboard rather than having to tranfer the midi file to the computer, edit, and transfer back.  This may not be such a big problem for folks who are well grounded in music, but I'm pretty much a 'hunt and peck', 'trial and error' sort of novice. I get the feeling that perhaps this is a user error as it seems logical that this would be a more efficient way (in the keyboard) to edit the chord data as it is with the channel data.  Am I missing something here?
Any and all comments are appreciated.

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Re: Chord display in
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The SongCreator/Chord tab page is for entering and editing Step Record Chord events(see page 125 in the T2 manual).

These are not the same as the XG Chord Events that are generated when you do a Quick Record or generate them using PSRUTI.

When Step Recordings are Expanded, XG Chord Events are created in the file along with the style data that is triggered by the entered Step Recording chords.

In effect, the Step Record Chords are used by the PSR to trigger the style, whereas the XG Chord Events are just for presenting display information.

The Step Recording in the PSR seems like a good idea (especially for the person not familiar with making chords), but it is hard to implement due to the limitations of the display. That was one of the reasons for the creation of Producer. It replaces the SongCreator screen on the PSR with a grid style display on the computer.


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Re: Chord display in
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2011, 03:14:37 PM »

You can do some chord edits in Song Creator on the SYS/EX. page.
The limits are Cut, Copy and Paste of existing chords.
So you could record a bunch of chord changes after the end of a song and then copy and
paste those where you want them in the song and delete those not wanted.

Chords show up as META Data only in the form FF 7F 43 7B 01 35 00 35 00 = G Maj chord.
Data for chord entry is listed in the Datalist for the T2 on page chord Control Control - now the
first five Hex Numbers are listed differently in the Datalist, but the keyboard has them the way
I have listed them above.

An easy way to find these in the Song Creator is to use the filter button H and turn everything except Meta event off.
Try moving some of these around - I'm not saying the result will necessarily sound good, but do some experimenting.
And, be sure to do this on a copy of the original song so you don't mess a good take.  ;) :D :D

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