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How to midi cable one PSR3000 to two computers . . .
« on: November 11, 2009, 08:29:44 AM »
I use a PSR 3000 with my Power Mac  ( OS Tiger/Leopard ) and it is cabled thru my PCI audiophile 2496 card  midi/audio interface as shown in the screen shot, as follows:

I also want to use the PSR3000 as the sound engine with my legacy Mac LC520  ( not at the same time ).

The way I do it now is somewhat crude.  I disconnect the midi cables from the Power Mac and then cable them to the LC520 midi interface.

Is there away to setup a connection  using a thru function so that I do not have hook up and un hook depending on which computer i want to use  ?

I always thought I understood how to  connect midi cables between one or more midi  devices but I am more then confused with two computers using the same sound engine.

Please help/suggest, or ... ( now now, be kind ladies and gentlemen of this psr nation ).


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