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PSR Tutorial Monthly Update

The PSR Tutorial Monthly Update summarizes any additional resources (lessons, styles, songs, articles, etc) added to the PSR Tutorial web site in the past month. This list is an announcement-only list. Please use the PSR Tutorial Forum to initiate or participate in any discussions related to the PSR Tutorial site, its resources, your keyboard, keyboard accessories or related software.

Last Message: PSR Tutorial Monthly Update October-December 2015

PSR Tutorial Report - October - December '15 Summary This report covers the last quarter of 2015. I did not think there was much going on, but after pulling this report together, I am a bit surprised with all that has been happening. As usual, we had songs contributed by PSR Performers, but we also had songs coming in for the Christmas 2015 Jukebox. The new songs added this past quarter amount to almost half of the new songs we added in 2015! We also have quite a few new styles added, new multipads, new voices, ...